Thunderbirds Hockey Jersey Design

Thunderbirds hockey jersey by Dave Delisle

This one goes out to the first generation of geeks! Was geek even a word back then? Nerds then. This goes out to the old-school nerds.

There were several ships that comprised the Thunderbirds, I settled on Thunderbird 2 as that particular ship’s colors translate well to a jersey. The main crest is the logo worn on their uniforms.

I wouldn’t mind making these available one day. Might have to do my own interpretation of the main logo to not be infringing. Unless the folks behind Thunderbirds are as awesome as those from Voltron.

About Dave Delisle

Designer, Blogger, and Hockey Fan! Go Flames Go!

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  1. The Winged Wheeler

    The logo might look good with the globe centered under the neckline, like the old Red Wings sweaters.

  2. Who doesn’t love Thunderbird 2? Hoping this one goes ahead in the future. Is made of awesome!

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