Warhammer 40K Jersey Design

Warhammer 40K hockey jersey design by davesgeekyideas

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Designer, Blogger, and Hockey Fan! Go Flames Go!

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  1. Any chance of a variant for the Salamanders

  2. So your teasing us then……XD

  3. OMG. WANT!

  4. The double headed eagle would have been an excellent choice as well. Food for thought.

  5. This is one sweet jersey.

  6. So even if you got enough people interested, you wouldn’t actually produce any? I know I’d buy up two of this design.

    • Not without permission from Games Workshop. They are very protective of their properties (rightly so) and If I proceeded with an offer there’s a good chance it could get legally yanked, which can upset a lot of people (I have already learned this).

  7. ChrisTheViking

    That’s awesome and imagine all the different ones you could do. I would have to get two of these as I want one and I know my Dad would!

  8. Add me to the hopeful list of buyers!!!

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