*** Questions about Geeky Jerseys ***

1. Does Geeky Jerseys deliver to my country?

Yes! Geeky Jerseys ships worldwide. Shipping rates and delivery times vary.

2. What jerseys are available?

I’ll post a lot of designs, but only are a few are available at any given time. Visit Geeky Jerseys to view the current selection. Custom jerseys are typically available for one month (see listing for availability). Or visit my NOW AVAILABLE page for a rundown.

3. Pricing?

Jerseys go for $99 each (plus shipping), and include custom name and number. If you are getting a large team order (10+ jerseys) email Geeky Jerseys for a quote.

In-stock jerseys sell for $109 (plus shipping). They feature a fixed name and number.

3. Sizes?

Here is a size chart:

Geeky Jerseys Size Chart

To ensure it fits: grab a shirt or hockey jersey that fits you, lay it flat and measure it. Compare to the chart for a comparable size.

These are close to shirt sizes (an XL T-shirt is an XL jersey), but I recommend you seek a looser fit. Sports jerseys look good on the loose side, in my opinion.

These are handmade, so there is sometimes a variance in measurements up to one inch, usually for the larger.

Goalie cuts have a wider torso and shorter sleeves compared to regular jerseys.

Baseball jerseys are not available in youth sizes at this time.

Geeky Jerseys no longer offers custom sizes, sorry.

4. Name/Numbers?

There is a 12-character limit, but I recommend 10 to avoid crowding. Digits are 1 or 2 numbers (some designs allow for 3-digits). Special characters, like hyphens or apostrophes, can be included but go towards the character count.

If you don’t want a name and/or number on the jersey, leave the order field blank when ordering.

When ordering check for typos! If something looks wrong you’ll get an email from Geeky Jerseys to check, but some typos just aren’t that apparent.

6. How long until my jersey arrives?

They don’t start making your jersey until after the order window closes. It then takes 10-12 weeks to make, and another week or two to ship. The order window is typically 1-month long, so you could be waiting as long as 4 months to get your jersey.

That’s the nature of building custom jerseys sadly. Some places do it faster (3-6 weeks), but the embroidery adds time. You can’t rush quality!

7. Jersey quality?

The jerseys are really good, and are made for actual hockey play. 100% athletic polyester mesh material, embroidered crests, and individual twill crest letters and numbers (which are stitched to the jersey). Depending on the design, some jersey stripes are constructed, other jerseys feature sublimated (printed) stripes.

These are closer to the old NHL CCM/KOHO jerseys in build, not the new Reebok RBK EDGE jerseys (which have many panels and feature advanced materials).

8. Drat I missed out.

Some popular designs will be listed at Geeky Jerseys homepage in the By Demand section. Sign-up to be notified the next time they are available. Some designs are more popular than others, and get many encores. Also keep an eye out for “In-Stock” jerseys that were made from recent offers.

9. Which jerseys get offered?

Geeky Jerseys will select a few designs for sale every month based on their popularity. Likes, Tweets, Comments (both here and elsewhere) are heavily taken into consideration. Sign-ups for ‘By Demand’ jerseys on the Geeky Jerseys homepage (see 8. above) also let Geeky Jerseys know how many people want a particular design. Due to legal reasons some designs will never be made.

10. I need to change my order!

Moving? Email Geeky Jerseys and they will correct the shipping address. There is a short time window to change your size/name/number prior to jersey production, so contact Geeky Jerseys as soon as you can. If it’s too late to make a change to the jersey they will let you know.

11. Something went wrong with my order.

In my 5+ years of working with Geeky Jerseys mistakes do happen from time to time. Email them with your order information and they will make it right.


*** Questions About This Blog: ***

1. Do You Take Requests?

I do, usually in the Now Available or Contact pages. Leave a comment there or email me. You can also tweet at me or leave a comment on my Facebook page (links below).

2. How can I stay up to date?

You can subscribe by email (bottom of the homepage), or follow on Facebook or Twitter or RSS. I would check the Now Available page at least once a month too, so bookmark that page.

3. Can you do other sports?

Will try, it’s just that hockey jerseys are the best canvas for designs. Baseball and football designs are posted here and there.


*** Custom Jersey Questions: ***

1. Can you make me a jersey?

Sorry, no manufacturer makes one-off jerseys. I have spent years looking for such a unicorn. It would be nice to offer all of my designs on-demand. As a general rule most places require a minimum order of 10 -15 jerseys as part of a team order.

2. Can Geeky Jerseys make jerseys for my team?

You can place a team order from what is currently available at http://www.geekyjerseys.com. Geeky Jerseys does not do custom team orders. I recommend checking out Athletic Knit, Ice Jerseys, Junkyard Athletic, or Sublimation Kings for your custom jersey needs. These places have a minimum of 10-15 jerseys per design.

3. Can you design something for my team?

You can hire me to make a design for your team. Email me for more info. I can also help you find a vendor that can make the jerseys.

4. Will you do free art for me? 

I help out the odd hockey team, but honestly I’m too busy to churn out free art.


*** Questions About Me: ***

1. Do you work for Geeky Jerseys?

No I’m just a designer who works with them. I contribute designs and promote the jerseys as best I can. I also work with several other companies too.

2. What do you use for the art?

Inkscape and GIMP, both are free! Sorry, the templates I use are not available for sharing.


*** Miscellaneous Questions: ***

1. Do you sell Kevin Smith jerseys?

No. Smith sells a few designs at the Secret Stash, but not the Smodco or Fatman stuff he wears, which is what most people want. UPDATE: The Fatman jersey is finally available.

2. I need that Red Wings jersey from Ferris Bueller! Help?

You’re only route is to go DIY for that one. Neither the NHL or the Detroit Red Wings sell a jersey that looks like the one in the film. More reading here.

3. How do I take care of my jersey?

This is good advice. If you’re a hockey player looking to combat smelly jerseys and gear look here.

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