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Sonics Hockey Jersey Design


Just wanted to make a retro/vintage jersey design that plays up the Mickey Mouse characteristics I see in Sonic the Hedgehog (white gloves, big shoes). I understand if this take is not for everyone, but I think it’s fun to look at.

Sonics is a great name for a pro team, it’s a shame no one uses it. Too soon?


A Trio Of 80’s Hockey Jersey Designs

GAH design by Dave Delisle

Sorry for the lack of new posts, I hope I can make up for that real soon. To start things off, here is a jersey based on the Greatest American Hero, a callback to a time when television had only one superhero show in prime time (this show came on after The Incredible Hulk was canned). Nowadays, there’s a superhero show on TV every night. You whippersnappers got it real good! Read the rest of this entry

Voltron Hockey Jersey Design

Voltron Hockey Jersey by Dave Delisle

Originally posted on my ideas blog, just bringing this over for posterity.

Thunderbirds Hockey Jersey Design

Thunderbirds hockey jersey by Dave Delisle

This one goes out to the first generation of geeks! Was geek even a word back then? Nerds then. This goes out to the old-school nerds.

There were several ships that comprised the Thunderbirds, I settled on Thunderbird 2 as that particular ship’s colors translate well to a jersey. The main crest is the logo worn on their uniforms.

I wouldn’t mind making these available one day. Might have to do my own interpretation of the main logo to not be infringing. Unless the folks behind Thunderbirds are as awesome as those from Voltron.

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