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Busters 4.0 Hockey Jersey Design

Busters 4 by Dave Delisle

I’m not going to reinvent the wheel here! Thought I’d make the name font skinnier, and the number font a bit similar to the recent Stay Puft jersey. The numbers are also moved off the sleeves so I could add more visual interest to the arms. All numbers are black now.  Read the rest of this entry

Ghostbusters Hockey Jersey Design 2.0

Busters 2.0 hockey jersey design by Dave Delisle

Thunderbirds Hockey Jersey Design

Thunderbirds hockey jersey by Dave Delisle

This one goes out to the first generation of geeks! Was geek even a word back then? Nerds then. This goes out to the old-school nerds.

There were several ships that comprised the Thunderbirds, I settled on Thunderbird 2 as that particular ship’s colors translate well to a jersey. The main crest is the logo worn on their uniforms.

I wouldn’t mind making these available one day. Might have to do my own interpretation of the main logo to not be infringing. Unless the folks behind Thunderbirds are as awesome as those from Voltron.

Browncoats Hockey Jersey Design

Browncoats Logo Hockey Jersey

This is a design for a Browncoats jersey, which is based on this old Boston Bruins jersey. I know the orientation of the main logo may be subject to debate, but it looks better with the triangle pointing down and the star up. This orientation is similar to the San Jose Sharks/Pittsburgh Penguins/Anaheim Mighty Ducks logos, all of which are also triangular in shape.

Welcome To My Geeky Hockey Blog – The Home Of Geeky Hockey Jerseys!

Hi there, my name is Dave Delisle, and you may know me from Dave’s Geeky Ideas. I started that blog to cover a wide array of topics, and I will continue to do so there. Dave’s Geeky Hockey (which is unpleasant to say aloud) will function as a companion blog of sorts. Its purpose: all things hockey for the geeks who want to taint* the game.

The second blog is because my love of geek culture began to assimilate another love of mine – hockey. This resulted in many geek/hockey abominations*, mostly in the form of hockey jersey designs. Redditors then clamored for these designs, and Rinkgear was able to cater these team orders.

The hockey jersey orders were taking over in popularity, to the point where I’m starting to plot a course for orders which would take place months from now. It’s always troubling (and painful) when I have to think that far ahead.

This blog will be dedicated to geeky hockey jersey designs, jersey team orders, hockey ideas, and the odd hockey rant. All the announcements, news, and updates regarding jersey orders will take place here. Bookmark this site — make it so.

It looks pretty sparse right now – lotsa blank space. I’ll get to the design eventually! I have a look in mind that will engage visitors.

*The negative connotations were inspired by a comment someone made of my jersey designs elsewhere on the interweb: “HOCKEY IS NOT GEEKY!” — challenge accepted.

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