Rocket Robin Hood Hockey Jersey Design

Rocket Robin Hood by davesgeekyideas

Going retro again! This time another 60’s institution, Rocket Robin Hood. Now as you might know I am Canadian (a subject of much controversy I know), so I watched this show a lot as a wee kid. What I didn’t know until five minutes ago was that this was a 100% Canadian show. I just always assumed it was a global, much like other shows from its era (Spider-Man, Thunderbirds). So apologies to those outside of Canada. Again.

The RRH design features a few alternate logos. I prefer the small rocket, as that was his insignia most of the time.


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  1. If that Rocket robin hood jersey EVER comes up for sale I’ll be there in a flash. Awesome.

  2. I would be hard pressed to buy the 10 required for an order to be placed however you can count on me for 1 at least

  3. That Bert jersey sure brings back memories.

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