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Trekkies Hockey Jersey Design


Went with the movie TNG/DS9 uniforms because they look nicer in my opinion, especially with the stripe at the cuffs (the additional stripes represent the crew undershirt). The back patch is based on the LA Galaxy logo, and is placeholder.

Speaking of which, it was a struggle to make secondary patches for this one. I flirted with a bunch of silly logos but they kept ruining the classic look of this design! I am leaving it for now, but if I think of anything I’ll add it in the future.

Galaxy Quest Hockey Jersey Design

Galaxy Quest hockey jersey design by Dave Delisle


Klingon Hockey Jersey Design

Klingon hockey jersey by Dave Delisle

This design was inspired by a Klingon spacecraft, specifically the Bird of Prey warship. With that in mind I looked at WWII Bomber planes to set the tone, and voila, a design was born. Originally I wanted “Birds of Prey” in a script font similar to “Memphis Belle”, but that would be too weird for Trekkies, methinks. No plans to release this one.


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