Klingon Hockey Jersey Design

Klingon Logo 2012 Hockey Jersey Star Trek davesgeekyhockey davesgeekyideas

Sorry I didn’t have time to make the jersey, but I thought the logo was cool enough for a post. I will update the post later with a sweater as well.

Now before you Trekkies get up in arms about the liberties I took with the Klingon logo, let me explain. The top point was too tall to properly fit on a hockey jersey, so I had to do a combination of making the circle bigger and the points smaller. Otherwise the logo would sit too low, or the main circle would be too small for a jersey. Ideally the overall logo has to be roughly the size of the Oilers or Sabres logos, which are also circular.

And to fill those large voids created by my adjustments, I added three Bat’leths. I have to say, it looks badass and so very hockey. You’d swear the Klingons invented the sport (which explains all the violence). The Bat’leths also remind me of hockey skate blades.

UPDATE: Jersey design added. Obviously I could do several variations but I felt a Blackhawks-inspired design worked best.

Klingon Logo Hockey Jersey Star Trek 2012

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  1. Looks great, would love to see other jerseys from the Federation League.

  2. Can’t wait for the jersey! Missed out on the Link one, but this’d be badass enough to wear to my local AHL team’s games.

  3. Love the design Dave, but this one worries me seeing Paramount has sold Trek based hockey jerseys before including Klingon.

    I wouldn’t want to see a repeat of the Starbuck situation.

  4. Just curious, would the number be as is? And if so, what’s the significance? And if not, can I get one with the number NCC-1701D on it ? maybe in small font…

    • The numbers are a fairly standard 1 or 2 digits, sorry! I chose 87 because that’s when TNG hit the airwaves. You probably could get the NCC banner as the name, though it would probably work better on a Trek jersey.

  5. Fantastic, as your designs often are. I especially like the bat’leth image over the name. But why not go with a Klingon font?

    • I’m not shocked there is a Klingon font, but for the majority of the designs here I am using more conventional fonts because that’s how it would potentially look if it went to production.

      Also I prefer simple designs, because I am a simple-minded.

  6. I adore the bat’leths on the crest! Great detail.

  7. Hey Dave, my birthday is coming up this month and my wife asked my what I wanted…
    I would love to have this jersey. What do I have to do to get it? And how much are you asking for it?

  8. Love this!!! Would be so interested if this one did a run for production. Just got my Browncoats 2.0 one ordered from Rink Gear…will be watching to see what else you send their way.

  9. So if *we* get 10 folks together, can we do this, Dave?

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