Darkwing Duck Hockey Jersey Designs

Darkwing Duck hockey jersey by Dave Delisle

UPDATE (January 27th 2016): while the original Mighty Ducks design (below) was a hit with some folks, loyal fans of the show have asked that I create something more in the colors and theme of Darkwing Duck, and I hope I delivered here.

I decided to make a retro 40’s version of the character, and for a bit of humor he’s about to get hit by his own grappling gun. The back patch was supposed to echo the 60’s Batman logo but that’s been done to death so I just have an action pose for Darkwing.

The original design was the result of a fan poll on my Facebook page:


Sadly, there are no plans to do either jersey, because Disney would seize my firstborn. Also, I’ll redo the Kim Possible design (that was originally posted here) sometime down the road.

About Dave Delisle

Designer, Blogger, and Hockey Fan! Go Flames Go!

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  1. Can you pleeeeeeaaaassee make the Darkwing Ducks jersey! My favorite cartoon as a kid and even my IG handle is “LaunchpadMcQuack” It looks awesome!

  2. aww mann that purple one is gorgeous. you need to work something out with disney so we can partake in this wonderful design (while your at it, work with Nick so we can get the Avatar jerseys 😉 )

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