Attack On Titan Hockey Jersey Design

Attack On Titan Scouting Legion

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Someone requested a design for Attack on Titan a few weeks back, and I’m like what is that? After some cursory Googling I learned it’s a new anime TV series (and manga), and the show’s first season is currently airing. I then discovered the episodes were streaming for free (thank-you Crunchy Roll) and going in cold this show turned out to be a very pleasant surprise. An often gruesome surprise (it’s not for kids!), but still.

The main logo features the city seal (or royal seal?) of  Shingeki no Kyojin, and all the other patches are the emblem of the Scouting Legion. The front of the jersey could easily be another Legion patch but I wanted to change things up. The lady statue on the front reminds me of a great alternate jersey the New York Rangers used to wear.

In the above image (bottom center) is an alternate front logo with no text. Also try to spot the maneuver gear!

No plans to release this design for the foreseeable future.


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  1. Great minds think alike! I made a Scouting Legion hockey jersey (based off the 2004 All-Star Game jersey):

    (And yes, that is a Tennessee TITANS game I am at 😀 )

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