Time Lords Baseball Jerseys Anyone?

Time Lords Baseball Jersey

Another baseball post, but this is one that many of you have been waiting for. My friends at Geeky Jerseys have made this Time Lords sample jersey, and it looks pretty spiffy if I may say so. I changed the numbers to match the Tardis 4.0 hockey jersey, other than that it’s the design I posted last year.

So would you be interested in grabbing one? The same name and number customization would be offered. A price point is TBD, but I’m hoping they’d be cheaper than hockey jerseys. Let me know by liking, tweeting, and commenting.

Lastly a special thanks to Geeky Jerseys for making this jersey and taking these first steps towards branching out into other sports. Exciting times are ahead!

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Designer, Blogger, and Hockey Fan! Go Flames Go!

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  2. I would definitely get one of these!!!! I hope you make them soon!

  3. Want. Need. Gimme.

  4. Yes, I would buy that immediately.

  5. We NEED this jersey…pleez

  6. I think that I would have to have one of those …

  7. john p olivas

    I want it !!! I hope you guys make this available 🙂

  8. I must have this. That is all.

  9. So want <3<3

  10. For those of us from hot climates, Sign me up!

  11. Can I get “War Doctor” and #8.5? What number would a “The Master” jersey have?

  12. I would get 3!!!! I will be keeping my fingers crossed that this one comes to life!

  13. I need one for my son’s 18th birthday in October. let’s get going !

  14. Yes Please!!

  15. Please give me one. I must have it.

  16. 1. Any word yet on when this will get done?

    2. Are you going to do another baseball or hockey jersey from Doctor Who?

    Please and Thank you

  17. Want. Also, too: want.

  18. Must have.

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