Doctor Who Baseball Jersey Design: The Time Lords

Doctor Who Baseball Jersey Tardis Time Lords 2013 Dave Delisle

Ah spring is in the air (albeit a few weeks late here in Canada), and that means Baseball season. And for my first baseball jersey design I thought I’d enlist Doctor Who, which has been a popular item for hockey jerseys. Here’s hoping it looks good on the jersey of the American pastime as it does for the Canadian one.

I’ve long pledged to break out into other sports here, I just have a lot more fun with hockey jerseys due to the bigger canvas. That said I do enjoy the aesthetics of baseball, and appreciate the style of many teams. The above jersey is a homage to the Los Angeles Dodgers, a team that has a timeless look to their uniforms.

At this time Geeky Jerseys does not make custom baseball jerseys, but that could change quickly so stay tuned. Also I don’t know the frequency in which I’ll be posting baseball designs, but I’ll try to get to them whenever I can.

UPDATE: The jerseys are in the early stages of production. We won’t be doing baseball caps initially, but that could change.


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  1. Aw man! Shut up and take my Money……..:)

  2. Dooo it! I’d buy this instantly. Also, bring back the TARDIS 3.0 jersey!

  3. I’d buy this one too!

  4. Is anything more being done on these? I’d really like one as I’m not really much of a hockey fan.

  5. Michelle Mills


  6. Gimme the cap and I’ll be happy ♡♥

  7. Is there any way that this can be BOUGHT and WORN? Haha because I’d LOVE to know how!! This is amazing!! 🙂


  9. Molly Jackson

    Please make these! I’m so desperate to get my hands on one! I’d buy this any day of the week!

  10. When this is available I will be buying a few

  11. Will buy at least 1 when available.

  12. Any word yet ?~ Really want this jersey for the family actually I would purchase a couple <3<3

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