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Emperor Zurg Hockey Jersey Design

Emperor Zurg toy story 2 hockey jersey design 2018 dave delisle davesgeekyhockey

Had this one on the drawing board for a long time, because it was just the ‘Z’ for the main logo and it looked too plain. Well I moved it up to the front collar and made a new character-based logo. In case you’re wondering, this is a sequel to Space Rangers. The green lettering is a nod to the tin box the character was packaged in.

Inside Out’s Fog Horns Hockey Jersey Design

Inside Out hockey jersey design by Pixar

This is 100% Pixar’s design from the film Inside Out, I only added the name and numbers (the jersey was blank in the film). I haven’t seen the film yet, but I do like the design, which appears to pay tribute to the Mighty Ducks logo from the films.

I also dig the seafoam green, which isn’t exactly a common color in sports design.

No plans to offer this, because the massive merchandise machine that is Disney will have this covered in some form. At least, I would hope so.

Monsters University Hockey Jersey Designs

Monsters Inc University hockey jersey by Dave DelisleUsually I don’t do home and away versions of my designs, but I wanted to include both Mike and Sully. Just a very clean collegiate look here using the school’s colors.

Pizza Planet Hockey Jersey Design

Pizza Planet Hockey Jersey Design by Dave Delisle

Originally had a Houston Rockets-like logo, but it didn’t really go with anything. Stuck to the Pizza Planet rocket for the main logo.

Buzz Lightyear Hockey Jersey Design

Buzz lightyear hockey jersey by dave delisle

The Incredibles Hockey Jersey Design

Incredibles hockey jersey design by Dave Delisle

It’s a pretty simple design but it would look cool on the ice if worn by a team. The goalie would need to dress as FroZone. Here is an alternate blue version.

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