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Cameron Frye’s Detroit Red Wings Jersey From Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

Ferris Bueller Gordie Howe hockey jersey

This was commissioned by Mark C. for his DIY project: a replica of the Detroit Red Wings jersey seen in the film Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. It was a fun and quick design project, and I’m allowed to share it here with you. The inset was an alternate I tried to run with, it didn’t work.

After the jump a lot of boring analysis of the Red Wings jersey seen in the film. Read the rest of this entry

Marvin The Martian Hockey Jersey Design

marvin the martian hockey jersey by Dave Delisle

Another NHL/geek mashup today, this time the Ottawa Senators get a Marvin the Martian makeover. This one is a no-brainer, as the franchise logo has often been compared to the Looney Tunes character*. Even longtime Sens goalie Patrick Lalime had Marvin prominently featured on his goalie mask.

I had to Ottawa-ify the Mars flag, because in the cartoon it looked essentially the same as Japan’s national flag (red circle on white backdrop). Not that there is anything wrong with Japan’s flag, I just want to avoid confusion. This version of the flag mimics the Sens’ shoulder patches (those feature a black ‘O’ instead of the red planet).

*And for better or worse the Trojan condoms logo.

Fantastic Four Hockey Jersey Design

Fantastic Four hockey jersey by Dave Delisle


Robotech Hockey Jersey Design

Robotech Valkyrie hockey jersey design by Dave Delisle

Hockey Video Games That Need To Happen

Nintendo 3DS Hockey Game 2012

I should confess I haven’t played an EA NHL game since NHL 09, which is odd for me as I played just about every iteration of that series religiously prior to that. Instead, I dabble with some SNES NHL 94 now and again. There is nothing wrong with the recent EA games, but I find myself more often than not dreaming up other hockey video games I’d rather play. And here they are:

1. Stylus-based hockey game for the Nintendo DS/3DS. If I could open a bank account in the U.S.A. this would be my Kickstarter project. Basically you do all your passing and shooting with the stylus, and you’d control the player with the D-pad or thumbstick. You’d swap players automatically or hit the bumper button to do so.

Passing and shooting would be drag and release motions with the stylus. You could execute some fancy dekes within your puck range (the blue circle on the bottom screen), or try to intercept passes with an active stick. One interesting play mechanic is fighting for the puck in the corners with the opponent, or trying to fish the puck out from a scrum.

The top screen layout would be friendlier to the NES Ice Hockey/Blades Of Steel side-to-side play, rather than the EA NHL 16-bit games which had an up-and-down orientation.

This game would also be ideal for the Wii U, which also has a stylus.

LEGO Alex Ovechkin Legovechkin GIF

2. Lego Hockey. This game would be a traditional hockey game like the EA NHL series, but the players (minifigs) would explode into several pieces when hit. There would also be a powerup system where you strategically build brick walls to aid your team/fluster the opponent. Read more about it here.

3. Nintendo Ice Hockey 2. Another game I touched on before, however this could be done in the style of the stylus game I mentioned above. One thing that I would like to add is that when a fight occurs, it would launch into a Smash Bros. style of game.


I was going to say an iPad table hockey game, but that was attempted with mixed results.

NHL All-Star Game And NHL Awards Idea

Conn Smythe

With the 2012 All-Star Game looming, the validity of the game will be debated by the hockey media (as is customary). Should it be cancelled? Is the format good? Who is attending? Who was snubbed? And so on.

I won’t join the debate. I’m of the opinion the game is more for kids, because I enjoyed the game a great deal more when I was a kid. Seeing all the NHL stars together was like watching a collection of hockey cards come to life — a somewhat surreal sight. But now it’s old hat, and the novelty of watching these guys play a casual game of shinny is no longer a must-see affair – at least to me.

And then there is the NHL Awards Show, held in June a few weeks after the season has concluded. It’s really a lavish event, as though the NHL was trying to┬ámimic┬áthe Oscars. I don’t think any other pro sports league does this, and that makes this awards show seem all the more unnecessary.

For my idea, I’d like to see a combination of the two events, held after the NHL season has ended. The All-Star game would now be a postseason event, much like the NFL’s Pro Bowl. The formal awards ceremony would be scrapped altogether, instead the hardware would be handed out during the All-Star game.

The roster for the game would include the award nominees, fans’ choice selections, and the hockey press choosing the starting lineups (which could include award nominees redundantly). Any format for the two teams is fine.

The primary purpose for this merger is to award all the trophies to players while they are in uniform and on the ice. It would be exactly like handing out the Stanley Cup and Conn Smythe Trophy (as seen above) at the end of the playoffs.

All the awards could be handed out at the end of the game, or throughout. The presentations would be at ice level, and the players would collect their awards and maybe do a lap around the rink with the trophy (well, I would!). The Coaches and GMs would also be awarded their trophies at ice level too.

Seeing the players collect their hardware while in uniform would mean a little more to their fans – especially as a consolation prize for an early exit from the playoffs (or not making the playoffs at all). This would also look better on a hockey card than a player in a fancy suit.

Having the All-Star game after the season would make for a nice swansong. It’s one more time to see the players in action before the 4-month offseason starts. Plus the casual shinny-like atmosphere of the game would be more acceptable in the postseason than being bookended by high-stakes games in the middle of the regular season.

While this sounds very ideal, I’m sure the NHL would prefer to have two separate events than one mega event. But now that the Winter Classic has taken the mid-season crown jewel away from the All-Star Game, the NHL can now afford to examine this idea.

The one casualty would be the mid-season break players rely on to rest up. I think there could be a ‘bye’ week of sorts for the NHL. The Eastern Conference can take one week off, and the Western Conference can take the next week off (or vice versa), just to ensure an even amount of rest for everyone, and without shutting down the NHL completely.

I’d like to include the NHL Draft as part of the festivities too, but I think Canada would come to a grinding halt. The reality is there has to be a bit of a buffer for the NHL Draft, because the roster freeze ends prior to the Draft. You don’t want to trade a player hours before or after the All-Star game he just played in.

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