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Skeletor And He-Man Hockey Jersey Designs

He-Man/Skeletor hockey jerseys by davesgeekyideasA pair of new He-Man designs for your eyeballs today!  Thought I’d do something different and base the characters on their toys rather than the animation models, and I think it looks rather striking (at least for Skeletor).

He-Man/Skeletor hockey jerseys by davesgeekyideas

The team names, Overlords of Destruction and Defenders of Grayskull, are placeholder for the MOTU logo, which I removed because gradient logos look bad on sports designs in general. ALSO, the team names are perfect for rock bands, but I have already called dibs on both (and I don’t even sing or play an instrument).

I don’t know if these can be offered at the moment, we’ll see.

If I got to do an elevator pitch for a new He-Man cartoon, it would be a comedy in which all conflicts are now decided by professional wrestling. It would have the same kind of “awkward bro” humor that Seth Rogen and Jonah Hill champion in their films, with lots of over-the-top smack talk. Purists are gonna hate, but there’s an absurdity to both the original cartoon and the WWE, so I feel combining them would deliver a lot of comedic gold.


Battle Cats Hockey Jersey Design


As part of my ongoing quest to sully every NHL team’s branding, I went and geekified the Florida Panthers with Hulk-Cringer.

Been sitting on this one for a few years, unfortunately it didn’t move forward as an official item. Also it won’t be offered by Geeky Jerseys either. However if a rec league team wants to run with it, I can donate the design in exchange for a team pic.

I will be doing a few more MOTU designs soon, that’s a property I’ve neglected far too long.

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