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Mockingjay Hockey Jersey Design

mockingjay hunger games by Dave Delisle

UPDATE: I took another crack at the main logo (here is the original). I thought the old one looked too simple. Original post as follows:

Hunger Games Design      Catching Fire Design

3rd time’s a charm for Hunger Games designs? I’m hoping so. New logos for the front and shoulders, and I set the Capitol logo on fire, so I hope this jersey says “rebellion” if nothing else.

Catching Fire Hockey Jersey Design


As a tribute to the excellent Hunger Games sequel, I made this design based on the uniforms worn by the film’s combatants. At the last minute I removed the 75 and District 12 logos for a cleaner look; also I thought it would helpful to keep this jersey district-neutral for now.

I did a design for the first film as well.

Hunger Games Hockey Jersey Design

Hunger Games hockey jersey by Dave Delisle

UPDATE: Thought I’d update this Hunger Games design in light of the recent Catching Fire design. The one major difference is the mockingjay now holds an arrow instead of a hockey stick.

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