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Hogwarts Express Hockey Jersey Design


Here are some designs based on the Hogwarts Express train from Harry Potter. The colors and logos are inspired by Lego’s recent Hogwarts train release. Express is a common team name, glad I could use it here.

Wizards Hockey Jersey Design

Harry Potter hockey jersey design by Dave Delisle

I feel bad that Geeky Jerseys and I haven’t catered to Harry Potter fans as much as we would like, so I am floating this design out there for your consideration. Basically, it’s all I can do without including the words ‘Gryffindor’ and ‘Hogwarts’.

Gryffindor And Slytherin Hockey Jersey Designs

Gryffindor hockey jersey design by Dave Delisle

Here are some hockey jersey designs based on the Quidditch uniforms of Gryffindor and Slytherin. No plans to make Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff designs, sorry.

Slytherin Hockey jersey design by Dave Delisle


The Flash Hockey Jersey Design

Flash hockey jersey by Dave Delisle


Not A Harry Potter Jersey Design

Gryffindor Potter Quidditch hockey jersey davesgeekyideas 2012

Click To Enlarge

The last few weeks I’ve been hounded to make this Harry Potter hockey jersey design available, because it was featured on Gawker. I’ve resisted doing so because I don’t want to draw the wrath of Warner Brothers (they have Batman) and J.K. Rowling (who is richer than Bruce Wayne) and so on. So I did my best to ignore the demand.

The last straw was when I was attacked by an owl yesterday, so message received*. I then set out to make a non-infringing design, which you see above.

Gone is “Gryffindor” which has been replaced by a single ‘G’, which could easily stand for Geek or Gangster (both apply to me of course). I also added a hubcap with wings – wink wink.

I think the logo would look awesome embroidered, even if it looked half as good as this Zelda crest I posted yesterday.

No plans for release just yet, though it is currently a candidate that can be made available in the next few weeks. Should it be made available, you could put whatever name (and number) you want on the back — just saying!

My question is, are you cool with the “Gryffindor” removed? Does it still invoke a certain house from a certain series of books based on a boy wizard? Let me know, I’m just trying to gauge reaction.

*Get it? Owl? Message received? Nevermind.

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