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80’s Hockey Jersey Design

80's hockey jersey design by Dave Delisle

As long as the team name is plural-ish you can make a sports team design for it, so Eighties fits the bill here. This design is just for fun, I don’t anticipate it being offered.

Not sure what a Nineties design would look like, Jurassic Park meets X-Files? No idea just yet.


Busters 4.0 Hockey Jersey Design

Busters 4.0 Hockey Jersey Design

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I’m not going to reinvent the wheel here! Thought I’d make the name font skinnier, and the number font a bit similar to the recent Stay Puft jersey. The numbers are also moved off the sleeves so I could add more visual interest to the arms. All numbers are black now.

I’d like to go on record saying I did play around with this design. Stuff like red numbers with black outlines, elbow patches,  fake zipper patches, and so on. Ultimately I followed my mantra: keep it simple. After the Link 3.0 experience I felt it best to evolve the design yet remain true to what folks liked before.

Busters 4.0 Hockey Jersey Design

Keep an eye on my Now Available page in the coming weeks for news regarding this design.

Stay Puft Hockey Jersey Design

Stay Puft hockey jersey by Dave Delisle

Here’s a Stay Puft hockey jersey based somewhat on his naval uniform. His portrait logo is based on the retro Cal Bears logo. Here is a bonus baseball jersey design:

Ghostbusters baseball jersey design by Dave Delisle


Ghostbusters Baseball Jersey Design

Ghostbusters Baseball Jersey design 2013 Dave Delisle Geeky Jersey Designer

The word ‘Ghostbusters’ sits perfectly on a baseball jersey. That’s all I really have to say!

Busters 3.0 Hockey Jersey Design

Ghosbusters 3.0 Hockey Jersey Design

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The third version of the popular Ghostbusters hockey jersey! A sleeve patch was added, and the numbers were made white for greater visibility.

Ghostbusters 2.0 Hockey Jerseys Are Done!

Ghostbusters 2.0 Hockey Jerseys 2012 Dave Delisle

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Another home-run by the folks at Rinkgear! They look amazing as always. I really dig the simplicity of this design and how it turned out. I already like it much better than the first jersey (did that image turn peach or something? Weird).

These will be shipping out next week for those who ordered. Hopefully they’ll arrive in time for Halloween. This hockey jersey is suitable for trick or treating, methinks.

No plans for an encore at this time, as I am still plugging away at trying to get an official GB jersey off the ground. Hopefully the picture above will turn some heads.

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