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Rocket Express Hockey Jersey Design

Rocket Express hockey jersey design by Dave Delisle

Here’s a Rocket Express design for your eyeballs. On the downside, no “Planet”, on the upside the logo has more visual interest and sits nicely on a black jersey. People prefer black or a dark-colored jerseys, it just looks better. You will seldom see a white jersey posted here.

You can see previous Futurama-inspired designs here. Obviously going for a non-infringing design with this one, been hoping to offer a legit version for years but that didn’t happen, so I offer this compromise.

Slurm Hockey Jersey Design

Slurm hockey jersey design 2015 dave delisle davesgeekyhockey

Updated Futurama Hockey Jersey Design

Futurama hockey jersey by Dave Delisle

Another update, this one for an 18-month-old design that I posted when I first started this site. This time I tweaked the jersey layout to better reflect the Planet Express ship. A few new patches were also added, including some characters that are looking out of the ship’s windows.

No current plans to make this available, but I have been trying to track down the guys who have the apparel license for Planet Express, so hopefully one day I can offer this.

In the meantime let’s enjoy the last few episodes of Futurama. *sniff!*

Planet Express Hockey Jersey Design


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