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Rocket Express Hockey Jersey Design

Rocket Express hockey jersey design by Dave Delisle

Here’s a Rocket Express design for your eyeballs. On the downside, no “Planet”, on the upside the logo has more visual interest and sits nicely on a black jersey. People prefer black or a dark-colored jerseys, it just looks better. You will seldom see a white jersey posted here.

You can see previous Futurama-inspired designs here. Obviously going for a non-infringing design with this one, been hoping to offer a legit version for years but that didn’t happen, so I offer this compromise.


Slurm Hockey Jersey Design

Slurm hockey jersey 2015 Dave Delisle

For this retro Slurm design I was inspired by the “Pepsi Bottlecap” design used by the Buffalo Bisons (and later by the Buffalo Sabres). You can sign-up for it here.

Updated Futurama Hockey Jersey Design

Futurama hockey jersey by Dave Delisle

Another update, this one for an 18-month-old design that I posted when I first started this site. This time I tweaked the jersey layout to better reflect the Planet Express ship. A few new patches were also added, including some characters that are looking out of the ship’s windows.

No current plans to make this available, but I have been trying to track down the guys who have the apparel license for Planet Express, so hopefully one day I can offer this.

In the meantime let’s enjoy the last few episodes of Futurama. *sniff!*

Planet Express Hockey Jersey Design


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