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Browncoats Baseball Jersey Design

Browncoats baseball jersey design by Dave Delisle

The design should be pretty self-explanatory, so how about a rant? I don’t have overdraft protection on my chequing account, so it’s impossible for me to dip below a $0.00 balance on my own. But if the account is very low on funds, and the bank takes their monthly fee and puts the account into a negative balance (-$10.00), they’ll charge me an overdraft penalty of $30, even though they technically did the overdrafting. Seems unethical and predatory to me.

If the account is in a negative balance because of what the bank did, then that should be the end of it. The customer will pay the negative balance eventually, if only to resume banking, so the bank will be made whole for the monthly fee sooner or later. But an overdraft penalty? It just strikes me as penalty for being poor. Am I being silly about this? Let me know in the comments.

Jaynestown Mudders 2.0 Hockey Jersey Design

Jaynestown Mudders hockey jersey design by Dave Delisle

Here’s an update to the ol’ Mudders jersey! I wanted to make the logos and numbers stand out more this time, hence the inclusion of black and gold. All of the logos are new.

Browncoats 4.0 Hockey Jersey Design

Browncoats hockey jersey by Dave Delisle

Trying something new here for the Browncoats! I’ve opted to use the brown from their actual uniforms, and I enlisted the logo with black trim, which resulted in adding black to the color scheme too. The goal was to make a hockey jersey that a military unit would wear.

For comparison here is the 3.0 version. Let me know what you think of the 4.0, as a Browncoats offer in the near future is likely.

Reavers Hockey Jersey Design


Browncoats 3.0 And Jaynestown Mudders Hockey Jersey Designs

Browncoats 3.0 hockey jersey by Dave Delisle

An update for Browncoats and a new design for Jayne Cobb, the hero of Canton! Read the rest of this entry

Browncoats 1.0 Hockey Jersey Design

Browncoats 1.0

This was originally posted on the ideas blog, brought over here for record keeping.

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