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Direwolves 7.0 Hockey Jersey Design

Direwolves 7.0 hockey jersey design by Dave Delisle

Here is the 7th edition of the popular Direwolves design. Geeky Jerseys wanted to do a “silver variant” of the design (like the gold variant for Voltron last year), so I came up with this.

New stripes this time, so hopefully folks who avoided the previous 6 designs because of their LA Kings look will be on board for this one. New shoulder patches and a back patch that is a stylized “W”/crown for Westeros. The back patch is my riff on Adidas, so if we ever did football kits that would be the go-to logo.

Direwolves T-Shirts Now Available!

Direwolves Sigil T-Shirt 2013 Dave Delisle 80's Tees

I’m pleased to announce that 80’s Tees is now offering a t-shirt featuring the Direwolves crest from my most-popular jersey design! It’s $20 plus shipping, and you can find it here (or click the image).

The print features some fancy metallic inks, so you might have to fend off wide-eyed people who like to slowly caress shiny things while saying creepy stuff like “It’s sooo pretty!” and “My precioussss!

Please stay tuned to my Facebook page or Twitter feeds, I’ll be giving away a few $20 gift cards for 80’s Tees (good for any of their wares) in the coming days.

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