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Royals Hockey Jerseys Are Done!

baratheon Sigil hockey jersey 2013 Dave Delisle Geeky Jerseys

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The Royals jerseys are done! The Boston Bruins-inspired jerseys made for House Baratheon fans will be shipping out next week for those who ordered. Miss out? You can sign up here to be notified the next time it becomes available.

Awesome work again by Geeky Jerseys. You can see why they’re becoming such a popular hockey team outfitter these days.

This will compliment the recent Direwolves jerseys nicely. If you’re interested the Lannister jersey is currently available (Update: was a May offer, now closed), and Targaryen will be offered in the next few months. A Night’s Watch 2.0 jersey is also on the docket. Stannis Baratheon and Greyjoy fans I hear you, please bear with me.

If it were feasible I’d offer all houses at once, but Geeky Jerseys are super-busy these days, plus I think it’s better to space them out to avoid wallet fatigue.


Spaceballs The Hockey Jerseys Are Done!

Spaceballs The Hockey Jersey Geeky Jerseys davesgeekyhockey

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The Spaceballs design is finally done, and they’ll be shipping out this week for those who ordered. Miss out? Sign up here if you want to be notified for an encore run. The more people who sign up, the greater the odds it will be offered again.

Great job by Geeky Jerseys again! Can’t wait to get my LONESTAR jersey.

You’ll have to forgive the plainness of the design. I posted it on Facebook for a laugh, and it got an incredible reception, so I left it as-is. Plus I feel the generic design is appropriate to the joke; it really does look like a throwaway piece of merchandise that would belong in Yogurt’s subterranean store.

Direwolves 5.0 Hockey Jerseys Are Now Done! Dave Delisle Direwolves Hockey Jersey Game Of Thrones Stark Sigil Logo

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Remember that Art Instructor that always praised Marge Simpson’s* artwork in that one episode of The Simpsons? I feel like I am doing that whenever I speak of Geeky Jerseys. Amazing work! Fabulous!!

All jokes aside the hardworking team at Geeky Jerseys continue to impress me. This jersey was definitely worth the wait (it’s a few weeks behind because they are inundated with hockey team orders over there), and I can’t wait to get my hands on it.

For those who ordered they’ll be hitting the mail sometime in the next seven to nine days (tracking numbers will be sent out). Did you miss out? You can sign up to be notified when it is released again here.

The Royals (Baratheon) and Spaceballs jerseys will be completed very soon. Sorry they’re a little behind schedule. You can’t rush custom quality.

If you like the logo you can grab a T-shirt from 80’s Tees.

*He also complimented a custodian painting a handrail for a set of stairs.

Mudders And Crusaders Hockey Jerseys Are Now Done!

Crusaders Batmobile-Inspired Hockey Jersey 2013 Dave Delisle geeky hockey jerseys

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I am pleased to announce that Rinkgear has completed work on the team orders for the Crusaders (a design inspired by the ’66 Batmobile), and the Jaynestown Mudders. They’ll be shipping out this week for those who ordered.

I’m a little biased, but that Crusaders jersey might be Rinkgear’s best work ever. I certainly appreciate their efforts here; I was worried they’d have trouble lining up all the stripes. However they knocked this one out of the park. Awesome work, Rinkgear!

No plans for an encore of the Crusaders design.

Jayne Cobb Jaynestown Mudders Browncoats hockey jersey 2013 Dave Delisle geeky hockey jersey

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Next up is the Jaynestown Mudders! It was offered in tandem with Browncoats 3.0, which was completed last week. It looks like something Jayne Cobb would wear with pride. So very shiny.

Another work of art by Rinkgear! No ETA on when this one or the Browncoats will be offered again, but you can sign up to be notified by email at (find the designs in the ‘Geeky Goners’ section).

I think this jersey would look great with a Jayne hat, which you can find at Thinkgeek for $25 — should you have a hankerin’ for Jayne attire.

Ghostbusters 2.0 Hockey Jerseys Are Done!

Ghostbusters 2.0 Hockey Jerseys 2012 Dave Delisle

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Another home-run by the folks at Rinkgear! They look amazing as always. I really dig the simplicity of this design and how it turned out. I already like it much better than the first jersey (did that image turn peach or something? Weird).

These will be shipping out next week for those who ordered. Hopefully they’ll arrive in time for Halloween. This hockey jersey is suitable for trick or treating, methinks.

No plans for an encore at this time, as I am still plugging away at trying to get an official GB jersey off the ground. Hopefully the picture above will turn some heads.

Game Of Thrones Jerseys Are Done!

Thrones Hockey Jerseys

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June’s Game Of Thrones jerseys are done and will be shipping at the end of this week or next Monday. They look great, I am looking forward to my Mormont 97 jersey especially!

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The next GoT offer will be a few months away, as there are plenty of other designs I want to get to! I can say for sure Targaryen will sit out the next round, and I’m going to do something all-new for the Direwolves (which are super-popular and impossible to retire).

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