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S.H.I.E.L.D. Hockey Jersey Design

SHIELD hockey jersey design by Dave Delisle

Justice League Hockey Jersey Designs

Justice League Hockey Jerseys DC Comics

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I have already made designs for all of these characters, but decided to give them a new coat of paint and assemble them all in one place. Wonder Woman gets an all-new design, Superman now has a contemporary logo, and the remaining get minor tweaks.

The only way any of these are made available is if I do a Kickstarter to raise funds to procure an apparel license from DC Comics, so not very likely! Sorry.

Captain America 2.0 Hockey Jersey Design

captain 2.0 hockey jersey by Dave Delisle

The second Captain America-inspired design. I moved the shield to the left wrist, and a winged-A takes its places on the back.

Judge Dredd Hockey Jersey Design

Judges hockey jersey design by Dave Delisle

UPDATE (April 8th, 2017): The old design was mostly black, added blue like the comics. Red was also made an accent color, not just on the collar.

Spider-Man And Venom Hockey Jersey Designs

Spider-Man hockey jersey davesgeekyhockeyA jersey design for Spider-Man, mostly a tribute to his costume from the 60’s animated series, but it works for any era really. Here’s a Venom design:

Spider-Man hockey jersey davesgeekyhockey

I pitched the Venom design to Geeky Jerseys, they declined the design for legal reasons. Them’s the brakes!

Fantastic Four Hockey Jersey Design

Fantastic Four hockey jersey by Dave Delisle


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