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Leonardo Reapers Hockey Jersey Design

Leonardo Reapers hockey jersey by Dave Delisle

This is the second design commissioned by the nice folks at the VASHL (here is the first), a street hockey league that is dedicated to all things Kevin Smith. You can read all about the Leonardo Reapers here.

They wanted something along the lines of Sons of Anarchy, and I don’t blame them. In fact, this post is better served if read with the gravelly voice of Charlie Hunnam in your head.

Clerks 2 Hockey Jersey Design: Mooby’s

Mooby's hockey jersey design by Dave Delisle

Here is a link to the first Clerks jersey. And above is one based on the Mooby’s uniform seen in Clerks 2. No plans to offer either at this time, sorry.

Clerks Hockey Jersey Design

Clerks hockey jersey design by Dave Delisle

The Quick Stop and Mooby’s patches were going to be sponsors, but they don’t look good at all on this jersey.

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