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Space Rangers 2.0 Hockey Jersey Design


Here is an update for the Space Rangers, which was offered a few years back. The original was great, but I wanted a cleaner and classier look for the 2.0 design. The nametag on the front was also dropped to make things easier production-wise for my bros at Geeky Jerseys.

The NHL Transformed

Transformers Hockey League NHL by Dave Delisle

I love the NHL and Transformers, so I’m pleased to mashup both here. There are so many teams in Transformers (like the Constructicons and Aerialbots), it makes for a good overall fit.

Detroit fans, I apologize in advance, but the Junkions are what kickstarted this whole thing. Plus they’re the only Transformer with a very distinct wheel.

UPDATE (August 8th 2015): Several teams have been updated, while a few (DAL, WASH, PIT, PHI) have been given new identities. I will probably keep updating these every once in awhile.

Transformers Hockey League NHL by Dave Delisle

Here are some of the old ones and a few unused ones too,

Spongebob Squarepants Hockey Jersey Design

Spongebob Squarepants hockey jersey design by Dave Delisle

(UPDATE August 3rd 2018) This is an updated version of the old Spongebob jersey, which was tweaked to make it an official product. Apologies to New York Islander fans.

This is based on the Krusty Krab uniform, which is just a hat. Being a former fry cook and longtime fan of Spongebob, this was great to see become a reality.

Samurai Jack Baseball Jersey Design

samurai jack baseball jersey by dave delisle

Samurai Jack has been off the air for 10 years, and it feels like a tie-in movie has been in development for twice that, but I digress. I’m a big fan of the show, so I’m happy to finally post some sort of tribute here.

I wasn’t able to use Jack for a hockey jersey, however his outfit is a better fit for a baseball jersey. His eyes reflecting off the sword will look cornball to non-fans of the show, but his eyes being framed like that is one of the show’s big calling cards.

No plans to offer this one, mostly because Samurai Jack is not as popular as I would like (a lot of folks still haven’t heard of it).

Attack On Titan Hockey Jersey Design


Invader Zim Hockey Jersey Design: The Invaders

Invader Zim Hockey Jersey Design by Dave Delisle

For the longest time Zim himself was the primary logo (the unused ones above), but it wasn’t working due in part to his detailed appearance and pencil-thin limbs. I replaced him with an Irken logo from the show and the rest of the design fell into place.

While Zim went unused (he could work on a white jersey maybe), I was able to keep Gir in there. I prefer the dog suit over his robot appearance.

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