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Corner Gas Hockey Jersey Design

Corner Gas hockey jersey by Dave Delisle

UPDATE (Feb 15, 2017): I tweaked the design to look more similar to the bowling shirt on the show, and that entails a vertical stripe on the front. The back patch is a Saskatchewan Roughriders homage that looks like the awning from the gas station. Original post:

I’m Canadian (sorry), so once in awhile I’m compelled to show off my hoser-ness with a design that screams CANADA. This jersey celebrates the TV show Corner Gas and its Saskatchewan setting.

Great White North Hockey Jersey Design

Molson Great White North Hockey Jersey Design

Yeah it’s a Molson design pretty much, if you don’t like it you can take off, eh. I have no plans on releasing this design. I just don’t think there is a future for blue-and-red ‘Canadians’ hockey jerseys OR any jersey bearing a maple leaf for that matter.

Degrassi Hockey Jersey Design: The Panthers



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