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Calgary Flames Hockey Jersey Design

The Calgary Flames released a black alternate jersey in the late 90’s that fans have nicknamed Blasty, because of the horse’s fiery breath. I like that jersey (and still own one), my only complaint: too many outlines on the numbers.

Thought I would update Blasty and relegate him to the shoulders, because their primary logo looks really good on black. I want to nickname this one Lanny, because it almost looks like he is sporting Lanny McDonald’s famous moustache.

The Flames recently switched back to their original jerseys (yay!) so I kept the layout simple. The numbers are borrowed from their last alternate jersey.

Harry Potter Hockey Jersey Design

Harry Potter Gryffindor Logo Quidditch Hockey Jersey 2012

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I was playing with this as a concept for a Lannister design, when much to my surprise I learned that Harry Potter’s Gryffindor House also uses a lion for its logo. I figured, y’know, it would be a Griffin. Learn something new everyday.

The actual Quidditch uniform doesn’t have a large front logo crest or any names and numbers (that I can tell), it looks rather rugby-ish. Still it would look decent making the jump to hockey.

This design also reminds me of the Calgary Flames’ Heritage Classic uniforms from a year ago, which are nearly identical save for an additional gold stripe on each arm and a lace collar.

The design is still a work-in-progress, as I haven’t had much time to post anything, so I thought it would be fun to throw together.

UPDATE: Here is a variant. Thanks to Scott for the heads up about the star patch!

Hary Potter Gryffindor 2012

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