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Fallout 3 Baseball Jersey Design

Fallout baseball jersey by Dave Delisle

UPDATE (Nov 12/2016): changed the shoulder patch. One of our rules is ‘no hockey sticks’ on hockey jerseys, so no baseball bats on baseball jerseys makes sense. I also changed the back patch to match the Wanderers hockey jersey. Original patch and post as follows:


A baseball jersey design in December? I’m a weirdo, what can I say. Anyways, I’ve gotten many requests to do something Fallout-related (almost as many as something called “Deadpool”), so I’m happy to post this for y’all.


Skyrim Hockey Jersey Design: The Dragonborn

Skyrim Hockey Jersey

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Both Skyrim and Fallout are often requested by fans of the acclaimed Bethesda games, so I am happy to deliver a Skyrim jersey design today (Fallout will be done sometime down the road). As part of my ongoing attempts to corrupt every NHL team, the Chicago Blackhawks are given a geeky makeover today.

However the Blackhawks weren’t my first choice, I wanted to use the Ottawa Senators because of the forward-facing Centurion in their logo, but I used that for a Marvin the Martian design recently. That said the ‘Hawks double tomahawk shoulder patch figured in nicely here.

The Skyrim logo is too skinny/tall to be a primary logo, in case you’re wondering why I didn’t run with that. It was my original intention when I started on this design several months ago.

Also this would look a lot better if metallic embroidery was used. Would really make the helmet and axes pop.

Usually I don’t commit to RPG’s because of the time they require, but I made an exception for Fallout 3 a few years back. I was floored by the game, but it kept crashing despite it being the very first thing I installed on a new computer. As a result I quit the game and then skipped Fallout New Vegas and Skyrim, fearing the same experience. Admittedly I really feel like I am missing out on Skyrim. Maybe one day.

No plans to make this available.

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