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Battlestar Galactica Baseball Jersey Design

BSG baseball jersey by Dave Delisle

Another baseball design for your eyeballs, this time a BSG-themed baseball jersey. Going with an Atlanta Braves look, with a spaceship replacing theĀ tomahawk. I think it sorta works!

Stuff inspired by NBC/Universal is forbidden, so we can’t offer anything BSG (or Jurassic Park, Last Starfighter, Stargate, etc.), sorry.

Battlestar Galactica Hockey Jersey Design: The Vipers

Battlestar Galactica hockey jersey design by Dave Delisle

Above is an update of a design that was originally on my other blog (which you can see here). Long story short: the original design was offered but we had to withdraw it due to legal reasons. Essentially we can’t do anything owned by NBC Universal (and that includes Jurassic Park, Stargate, and Last Starfighter), at least not in an unofficial capacity.

The updated design features a Vipers front logo (I made it pluralized), and logos on the arms to mimic the wings of the Mark II (the ship on which this whole design is based). I also moved the Primus patch to make room for a Captain’s ‘C’.

Obviously there are no plans to make this available anytime soon, sorry!

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