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THOR Hockey Jersey Design

THOR Hockey Jersey 2012 Dave Delisle

The Mighty Thor finally gets his own design, joining Iron Man and Captain America among Avengers heroes featured here. This design is a mix of the comic and film interpretations, and features a red back panel to mimic a cape.

No plans to make this available currently. And if it did become available, methinks all those plates on the front would be sublimated. Embroidery would make the jersey too heavy and cost-prohibitive.

Captain America And Iron Man Hockey Jersey Designs

Captain America Shellhead Hockey Jerseys 2012 Dave Delisle

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There are the only 2 guys from The Avengers that translate well to a hockey jersey (in this blogger’s humble opinion): Captain America and Iron Man. I actually made one for Thor, but it looked weird. You just need to buy a plain green practice jersey for the Hulk.

These are rather generic-looking and could possibly be offered one day (would need to dispose of the S.H.I.E.L.D. logo). Unless Marvel trademarked the American flag, amirite??

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