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Arrested Development Hockey Jersey Design


UPDATE (Nov 1st 2016): went with a ‘less-is-more’ approach for this design. The old logo had the stair car itself, which, let’s face it, was too busy/ugly to look at. There are two older designs for the Stair Car and Banana Stand as well.


Things That Make You Go Vroom!

A-Team, Herbie, Arrested Development, and Batman Hockey Jersey Designs

I completed the Batmobile design (below), and the Arrested Development jersey can be seen in full here. No plans to complete the A-Team or Herbie Designs.

Batmobile Crusader Design

Arrested Development Hockey Jersey Designs

Arrested Development Hockey Jersey by Dave Delisle

No plans to make either of these available. I don’t want people accosted by hop-ons or vandals!

Just For Fun Hockey Jersey Designs

Funny Hockey Jerseys

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