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Donkey Kong Hockey Jersey Design

Donkey Kong hockey jersey design by Dave Delisle davesgeekyhockey

Thought I’d do a design that is a homage to the original Donkey Kong arcade cabinet from 1981 (35 years ago!). All of the logos are updated versions of art found on the cabinet. Donkey Kong himself is a mix of the current Kong with the 1981 original and the 1982 Donkey Kong Jr. version (the teeth mostly). There’s a “DK” on the front neck too, to match his necktie.

Ideally I’d go overboard with stripes and colors to match the arcade cabinet, but I like to keep Geeky Jerseys’ production methods in mind when creating designs. That means a more conventional approach towards layout and trying to limit the number of colors.

Degrassi Hockey Jersey Design: The Panthers



Red Dawn Hockey Jersey Design: The Wolverines

Red Dawn hockey jersey by Dave Delisle

Thundercats Hockey Jersey Design


Originally I had a design that was close to Lion-O’s uniform, but I felt a cleaner look that used more of the main logo’s red was in order. Also using the Florida Panthers’ jersey style was appropriate here I think.

No plans to produce these. A few other places used to sell Thundercats jerseys, but I can no longer find them online.

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