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Stockton AHL Hockey Jersey Design

Stockton Choppers by Dave Delisle

If you follow hockey you might be aware of the relocation of several AHL and ECHL teams that will happen this summer at the behest of some western-based NHL clubs. The Calgary Flames are setting up their AHL team in Stockton, CA, where they will be known as the Heat. They recently unveiled their logo and jerseys. Read the rest of this entry

Grand Theft Auto Hockey Jersey Designs

GTA hockey jersey design by Dave Delisle

Grand Theft Auto was always on my to-do list, but the folks at Rockstar North beat me to it, including a hockey team logo in their upcoming GTA V game. It’s just a parody of the Los Angeles King logo, but still! I thought I’d include their design here for the Los Santos Kings. My only change would be to include the city name, which I did above (smaller inset logo). Read the rest of this entry

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