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All custom jerseys are $99 each (plus shipping) and feature custom name and number of your choice. All patches are embroidered.

All in-stock jerseys are $109 each and have a fixed name and number.


The Express makes an encore! Available until the end of July. Arrives late October.

Click here to order your custom jersey.


Now available: Soundwave! This official jersey features SOUNDWAVE and number 84.

Click here to order one. Ships within 2 business days.


Now in stock: Captain! Features the name ROGERS and number 41.

Click here to order one. Ships within 2 business days.


Now in stock: Cobra Kai! Features the name NO MERCY and number 84.

Click here to order one. Ships within 2 business days.

Dragons 5.0

Now in stock: Targaryen! Features the name TARGARYEN and number 3.

Click here to order one. Ships within 2 business days.


Boomsticks 2.0 is now in stock! Features the name GROOVY and number 92.

Click here to order one. Ships within 2 business days.


Staplers are now in stock! Features the name LUMBERGH and number 99.

Click here to order one. Ships within 2 business days.


Crusaders are now in stock! Features the name CRUSADER and number 66.

Click here to order one. Ships within 2 business days.


Now in stock: Direwolves! Features the name STARK and number 7.

Click here to order one. Ships within 2 business days.


Now in stock: Browncoats! Features the name REYNOLDS and number 57.

Click here to order one. Ships within 2 business days.


Now in stock: Crushers! Features the name ENSIGN and number 87.

Click here to order one. Ships within 2 business days.


Now in stock: Tardis! Features the name DOCTOR and number 10.

Click here to order one. Ships within 2 business days.


Now in stock: Bumblebee! This official jersey features the name and number shown.

Click here to order one. Ships within 2 business days.

  1. Ummm….. When can I give you money for the Foot Ninja Jersey?

  2. Theresa Penalba

    When can I give you my money for a Stargate jersey? Or am I too late?

    • We can’t do anything that is owned by NBC Universal, Stargate included. I tried a BSG jersey last year and learned my lesson!

      The only way is for you to place a private order of 12+ jerseys.

      Sorry I discussed this on Facebook but I will update the SG design post as well.

  3. The BSG one mstve been awesome! Without NBC we cant do Eureka either can we, or anything SYFY . . . Like Defiance.

    • Exactly. But maybe one day I’ll win the lottery and can afford an apparel license! All jokes aside I think Geeky Jerseys and myself would like to do more officially licensed stuff in the near future.

  4. Once/If you can get baseball jerseys figured out. I would be all over some Game of Thrones baseball jerseys.

  5. You should do Iron Man or The Avengers themed hockey jerseys… unless there is a license problem

  6. GuitarAnthony

    Still hoping one day for a Gatchaman/Battle of the Planets jersey!

  7. can i purchase just one of the buzz lightyear jerseys?

  8. Any chance of an X-Files themed jersey? Maybe the Flukes or Agents or something?

  9. Do you always have the Tardis Jersey available or is it a limited time offer?

  10. Brian Santistevan

    Please let me know when the boom sticks become available .

  11. Have you thought of doing a House Martell Jersey?

  12. Great work here Dave. I posted to your Facebook too, (not trying to bombard you, just answer whichever is easier for you) but have you ever done or will you (is it possible) do a Super Mario Bros jersey?

  13. Thanks for the info Dave.

  14. Wow! I just found your sites and my wife and I love everything! She wants a Fringe jersey for herself. I got through looking at half of the hockey jerseys yesterday and I decided to ask about an International Rescue one, only to discover today that you already had one (and Thunderbird 2…my fave!). I hope you make those available someday.

    Here is a suggestion to consider: the cartoon Young Justice could make for some interesting teams – The Team, The Light, The League, etc. Or perhaps some based on the individual character logo designs – I would dig a black and red Superboy one…

  15. are there any Browncoats jerseys availible?

  16. Any chance at a Supernatural jersey? Something for the Winchesters or for Castiel?

  17. Dave – awesome work, as usual. Still sitting on the cash earmarked for a Star Trek TNG Jersey (Make it so!).

    Any possibility of a Skylanders jersey? It’s become a great activity playing with my sons. They’d go berserk for something like that.

    Anyway, thanks, and keep up the great work!

  18. Probably a longshot given how the previous offering went, but any chance of another Pawter-verse house jersey? Perhaps something with a green serpent theme?

    • Small chance unfortunately! We’re not going to do anything without an official license. The words “Gryffindor” and “Slytherin” are crucial, simply alluding to them (like I did with the first one, which featured a large ‘G’ for Gryffindor) isn’t enough.

  19. Is the upcoming Tardis the baseball jersey???

  20. Ninja turtles Jersey? Thundercats? Skeletor? He-man? Would love one or all of those Jerseys.

  21. Brandon Haskins

    C’mon Man! I NEEEEEEED that Batman Jersey!!!

  22. Since you cant do NBC universal, does this mean I wont ever be able to get my Big Lebowski Jersey?

    • We already did a run of Lebowski jersey (which is just a pattern really, so it’s safe for us to do), it didn’t sell that well, despite a lot of word-of-mouth. I don’t think we’ll be doing Dude jerseys again in all honesty.

      • Replying to this string as it’s dated back in 2013. Any movement on The Dude jerseys? I have a St. Pats tourney (in less than 2 weeks) and that’s been discussed heavily. Let me know

      • Dude jerseys have been offered 3 or 4 times since, and you just missed out on a Fall offer, the recent in-stock jerseys just sold-out. Sign-up for it so you don’t miss out again:

      • Dave, thanks RE: The Dude jersey. I didn’t see team pricing on the site, only individual jersey prices. Do you offer that as well? Thx.

      • No, but if you do plan on buying a team order contact inquiries@geekyjerseys,com with how many you want to order, and they may provide a discount. At this time Geeky Jerseys is mostly for individual sales.

  23. Any chance of the Captain 3.0? I just don’t like the winged A on the back neck. I’d prefer the shield there instead of on the sleeve. The winged A might look ok on the shoulders though. Still, I love yor work.

  24. The link to the Thundercats jersey doesn’t work anymore.

    Either MOTU or Thundercats jersey would be great!

  25. how about a jersey based on the tv show Supernatural

  26. Do you do jersey commissions?

  27. Any updates on when you might be offering the Dark Link jersey? I am dying to own it =]

  28. Dave, not sure if you’ve been asked this before but how bout a Godzilla jersey? I could talk to Matt Frank (IDW comics artist) for some of his very badass designs

  29. Maryellen Miller

    I’m searching for a jersey that looks like an ugly Christmas sweater. Can you do it?!

  30. So, if you guys did a green lantern jersey I would buy 3 of em in 4x and love you forever

    • Just saw the old design mock ups you made for green lantern and they are beautiful. I understand there is no way to make those due to licensing. shame

  31. I love the Harry Potter jersey! How about a Slytherin model? Or, Death Eaters (dark) Order of the Phoenix (white)?

    Home and away, good and evil would be awesome!


  32. Will you have a classic Adam West era Batman jersey anytime soon.

  33. Brandon Haskins

    MAN DAVE! Just go ahead an re-issue the Batman Jersey! You know it’s gonna sell!! Everybody loves the Bat!

  34. Brandon Haskins

    C’mon guys…we gotta bring back the Bat! BRING BACK THE BAT! BRING BACK THE BAT! BRING BACK THE BAT!

  35. Do you have any plans of making the Supernatural Jersey again?

  36. Dave,
    Is there an ETA on when a Night’s Watch Rangers jersey will be available?

  37. Just ordered the Supernatural Jersys for my wife and daughter, they are going to flip when they arrive!!! Any chance ondesigns based on some Hannah Barbara cartoons? I think some of the characters naturally lend themselves to a sweater design. Space Ghost, The Herculoids, The Powerpuff Girls and SWAT Kats to name a few.

    • Hard to say, I did look at doing PPG but that proved too difficult. I DO have a Space Ghost design I’m sitting on for a rainy day. As for the others, I’ll have to get back to you, I’m not familiar with them.

  38. Is there any chance the Sons of Anarchy jerseys will see the light of day?

  39. How about a “Powdered Toast Man” jersey from Ren & Stimpy??

  40. Can you please make the Ferris Bueller Redwings jersey? I can’t believe you haven’t sold dozens of them already!

  41. Have you thought about doing a Cheers Sam Malone Red Sox baseball jersey replica?

  42. I know obscure but just to start House Atreidies from DUNE ? Red Hawk with Green and Black .

  43. Hello, I’m seriously interested in a Kevin Smith jersey, I found a image of your design and I would love to own one but i can’t find it available on you site. I hope this is something that wasn’t a limited run. Please contact me about the possibility of purchasing this design. Thankyou!

    • I’ve posted some Kevin Smith designs but I have not sold any (yet). Hopefully one day down the road something can be done, but right now they are not available.

      • I really would like to purchase the Clerks oilers jersery. Is there anyway to be notified if this becomes available? I would purchase the second it becomes sellable.

      • At this time there are no notifications options for jerseys that aren’t being offered. Please bookmark this site and check back once in a while.

  44. When will the Lebowski jerseys be available and can I get a 4x (for a goalie)? What about Spaceballs? Are they / when will they be available? Thanks!

  45. Could you maybe please one day do a Dragonball Z jersey?

  46. Hiya.
    So, I ordered a Voltron jersey from an Amazon reseller (VintageVoltron) for my nerdy wife on the 3rd, for her birthday on the 13th. Today I got a response from her, a forwarded email from you guys, saying they’re not ready yet. If you have to ship to her, then she ships to me, wouldn’t I just be better off getting it straight from you guys when it’s in? I mean, it showed as “in-stock” when I ordered it, and that was 23 days ago. After no shipping info was posted for over two weeks, frustration began to set in.I keep having to apologize to my lovely and understanding wife about where her awesome gift is.
    Btw if you’re interested in picking up an internet and b&m retailer in Arkansas to add to your stable, I might be interested.
    Thanks so much,
    Jay @ IMAGINE! Games

    • You’re probably referring to Geeky Jerseys, the manufacturer of my designs. Yes they are behind on the current batch of Voltron jerseys, hopefully they will be completed soon.

      As for Amazon resellers or the Voltron store itself, previously the jerseys offered for sale were already made and in stock. This pre-sell or pre-order arrangement is new to me, I only learned this in the past few days.

      I apologize to you and your wife for the long delay, and I hope that your order will be fulfilled soon. Going forward I hope that Voltron jerseys will be sold based on their immediate availability.

  47. Dave,
    Here’s a link to the seller I bought it from. Perhaps their supplier is someone else, I’m not sure. As my wife is our internet sales director, and our physical store inventory is tied to Amazon and eBay, keeping this a surprise has been quite a tricky endeavor.

  48. Any chance on getting just a basic blank jersey? I would love one of the Dexter blood splatter jerseys goalie cut with nothing other than the splatter….. (Or if you decide to do another run of them….)

  49. Christopher Little

    Any plans to any Gundam jerseys? I remember the Robotech one but think a homage to another of the forefathers of giant Japanese robots would be sick!

  50. Not sure if you’ve gotten this request before or not, but are there any plans to make Mass Effect themed jerseys?
    Logos of the various merc groups (ie. Blue suns, blood pack, or eclipse)
    Or the different military orginizations (ie. Spectres, N7, human Alliance, Cerberus)

    I personally would be beyond stoked if this happened.

  51. When you say that the Supernatural Jersey has been shipped, does that mean it’s too late to get one, or that it’s been shipped out to you guys and you’re getting ready to sell them? Thanks so much!

    • They’ve been shipped to those who ordered them. This is a made-to-order process. Sometimes Geeky Jerseys will make a few extra and sell them but that’s not the case here.

  52. Is there an ETA for the Swap Masters jerseys?
    Also I love the Titanfall design!

  53. chickdrummer88

    Please tell me I didn’t miss out on a Breaking Bad jersey… I need one…

  54. Hi,

    Amazing work! Just wondering if you have any plans for an Office Space jersey at any point? So many options with respect to a crest and names…….

  55. Hi! Your hockey jerseys are awesome! Is there ANY way I could get on a list to get a WWF jersey? Thank you!

  56. Jesus M. Pompa

    Hi would you be able to make a pokemon jersey for cerulean city?

  57. Hey I missed the venture bros jersey! Any chance thats coming around again?

  58. Scott Stanley

    Aqua Teen Hunger Force? Pretty please!

  59. I think the world needs a Hong Kong Cavaliers Jersey.

  60. Just saw on Facebook that you redesigned the Goonies jersey, any chance it’ll be making an appearance soon?

  61. please notfy me the minute the Night’s Watch 2.0 (arrives late July) arrives need two one for myself and my husband. His xxl (order the same size you wear in a tee shirt, Correct?), I would need a Med Thank you in advance!

  62. Any way you might release the game of thrones jerseys again for the season finale…. I can’t believe I missed the chance at the nights watch Jersey

  63. I’ve seen the Terran jersey that you designed and realize it says there are no plans to release it, is this still the case? Or is there anything else StarCraft or Blizzard inspired possibly down the road?

    • Anything Activision/Blizzard has a very very low probability of being offered (you can’t even release a parody T-Shirt!), so I wouldn’t expect anything on that front.

  64. I was wondering if you had any Punisher hockey jersey left over, size XL, or a 52?

  65. James Person

    Can we see the Nights Watch jerseys back up?

  66. I would still do some dark, dirty things for a venture bros monarch jersey. Seriously, dark and dirty.

  67. Do you still make trainer jerseys because I am really interested in getting one.

  68. I found the 2 Road Warrior designs in a random search which lead me to your site. Is there any chance you’ll ever run either or both of that design again? I’d love to get one of each and can think of several of my friends who might be interested, too. If so,could you send me a link so that I can put my name on the list for the next run. THANKS!

  69. Still waiting for The Crows from Game of Thrones to come back around have signed both my husband and myself you say the more that request or demand more likely to come back around? The Dire wolf is very cool but… it looks to much like LA Kings a rival of our NHL team!

    • The number of sign-ups help Geeky Jerseys gauge interest in what to offer, and hopefully the Crows will have an encore soon. As for the Direwolves being LA Kings colors, they’re stuck like that! Overwhelming demand has kept me from changing things up there, sorry.

  70. i have a team and we want ninja turtle jersey s. Can you get them?

  71. I’d love to see what you could do with the Three Storms from Big Trouble in Little China. You are awesome!

  72. Any change you are going make avaible the Game of Thrones, Crow(s) or Nights Watch Hockey Jersey(s)? I messed up did not understand how this all works so we missed out on the last Crow(s) design. Thank you in advance.

  73. Hey guys I doubt you still have/make them but I was wondering if you were still making the Clerks jersey, either the Jay or Silent Bob? I’m probably way too late but I figured I’d ask. Hope to hear back. Thanks guys.

  74. Brent Eric Robertson

    I want a Lebowski Hockey Jersey…..I have cash or CC in hand…….Help Me Out please!!!!!

  75. I so love the Shadow Link jerseys. when would the other sizes be available?

  76. Is there any possibility of getting the link 4.0 jersey still? If so how much?

  77. Oh my Gawd. Pleaseee. You have to produce the Sam Fisher Jersey!
    Damn… Take my money!!!! :O

  78. I’m interested in the Gryffindor hockey jersey. My team is the Grand Rapids, MI Griffins and I feel it is wildly appropriate for such hockey occasions. Please let me know when such a jersey is available again. Thank you.

  79. I haven’t seen a Star Wars mandalorian jersey, is there a Fett jersey or a chance for one so I can give you money?

  80. Been waiting for over a year……….are you all ever going to do some more Big Lebowski “Dude” jersey’s? If not just say so and I will quit holding my breath. thanks Brent

  81. Wondering if you have an eta for a Browncoats sweater?

  82. I was hoping to get my spaceballs jersey before the end of the minor league hockey season out here, but oh well. Just gonna make it that much more fun to wear at the beginning of next season.

    • If you’re new to this site and Geeky Jerseys, the time it takes to make them can be a bit of a shock (2 months to make, and that’s after the 1-month order window), but that’s the nature of mass-produced custom jerseys.

  83. Looking forward to buying the brown coat jersey

  84. Do you make shipments to Mexico ?

  85. Philip Grabowskii

    Any updates on when (if) baseball jerseys are going to be available? It’s too hot down here in South Carolina for my hockey jerseys 😦

  86. Any idea when or if you’ll have Dr. Who hockey jerseys?

  87. How come no other video game console jerseys? I love the SuperBit jersey and could swear you had concepts for an NES and Sega Genesis based jerseys before.

  88. Hey Dave could you design a Hulk jersey? I’d love to see how you’d do that one, and one day in the future hopefully get one for my brother

  89. Any chance for an of Empire or CCL Killers? I came late to the Geeky Jerseys party so missed out on those offerings. Huge fan (like many) of the Empire jersey and would love the CCL for Halloween to go with the Slashers I have coming.

    Thanks and congrats……your work is awesome

  90. Will geekyjerseys ever put out the Wolverine jersey again? From what I saw on their facebook they only offered it one time for a week 3 years ago.

    • As long as it’s listed, there’s always a chance. It needs more sign-ups to get offered, so sign-up if you haven’t already, and maybe spread the word to spur more interest.

  91. When can I next order a game of thrones house of targaryen?

  92. Would you be interested in designing an Ultimate Warrior jersey for a team thats playing in the World Pond Hockey Championship in February of 2016?

  93. Will you guys be doing another Ghostbusters jersey at any point

  94. I saw somebody walking around yesterday with a Game of Thrones Stark jersey. It looked ridiculously awesome. I had much envy, so of course I Googled it and ended up here.

  95. Hey Dave,

    Do you make custom jerseys? I saw on your page a Crayola one and was wondering how small they come. Looking for one like a youth extra small. Just let me know and thanks in advance.

  96. Looking to Purchase a Clerks Hockey Jersey. Can you help me out ?

    • Hey Dave, I got my wife a Dragons jersey a few months back and she loves it. I saw where you did a Fallout baseball design about this time last year. Any chance of a Fallout Hockey Jersey given the release of Fallout 4 in November?

      No matter what the answer is on that front… keep’m coming man, these things are awesome.

  97. Liana Guarnieri

    Interested in purchasing a Game Of Thrones Targaryen Jersey in a men’s large. Do you think you will have these available in time for Christmas?

  98. I cannot find the “Voltron” named jersey as seen on available-now. Is it still available and how much?

  99. Dave, I’ll be sure to keep checking back. Thank you for such a fast response!

  100. will you be making any Megatron jerseys?

  101. Will the Flying Hellfish jerseys ever be offered for sale?

  102. Are there any plans to do Batman VS Superman jerseys?

  103. Can we get a GotG “groot” jersey? or rocket raccoon or even Drax?

  104. Well i tried emailing i tried fb and no one wants to give me a legit answer or one at all i UNDERSTAND IT TAKES 6 TO 8 WEEKS BUT IT HAS BIN 12 and no one wants to tell me anything at week 10 i asked why the delay i was told it takes 6 to 8 weeks to which i said its bin ten and i was again told 6 to 8 weeks im starting to think i got scammed i paid good money for a shirt and no one can even answer my question well you sort of did on fb you told me they ship out next week well that was 2 weeks ago and i am sorry for doing this in public but i tried private email and no one wants to answer all i want is to know when i get my shirt and seeing the amount of money paid i deserve to know

    • 6 to 8 weeks AFTER the order window closes (which is a month). This isn’t a fly-by-night operation, me and Geeky Jerseys have been doing this for over 5 years. If you need information please email me @, I’ll do what I can. These days, offers are running late because of a big log jam in Feb/Mar (several offers happening at once).

  105. Bryan Robinson

    Have 3 jerseys with a Marshmallows on the way. Would absolutely LOVE a Spaceballs alternate jersey in plaid!

  106. Any ideas for a Daredevil jersey? Baseball or Hockey?

  107. Are those 3 the only baseball jerseys available? I would LOVE a Harry Potter one!

  108. I desperately need an Iron Man Jersey. Do you ever expect to do one again?

  109. Dave, I’m very excited about the mention of a Busters offer! However, I don’t see it anywhere available here or with GeekyJerseys for upvote. Is there any cause for concern? I hope not. I’m setting my money aside in patient anticipation! Love your work.

  110. The people…and me….NEED a Buffy the VS hockey jersey!

  111. Any chance of doing a jersey for the following Game of Thrones characters: 1) “Little Finger” with his sigil Mockingbird 2) Iron Bank or 3) Dothraki, 4) Grigor “the Mountain” Cleghane

  112. Will the Ghostbusters jersey be released again soon?

  113. Chris universal

    It’s been saying a busters offer is long overdue. I agree. Let’s get some of those goin. I’ll be first to buy.


  114. Cereal Killers – murderous versions of some of the popular characters.

  115. any chance the point break ex presidents are going to be made?

  116. How come no one ever told me about this website??? Wish I could’ve bought a Zelda hockey jersey!!!

  117. Christian Carter

    I seriously need one of those stark ones

  118. Ninja turtles please!!!!!!! Your designs are awesome. Come on Michelangelo 😊😊

  119. Awesome Jersey’s .. I need one!!!!!!! TMNT OR BIG G… I sooooooo need to give your inspiration as a gift… please

  120. If my son wears a youth large would an adult small fit him if it’s the only item in stock?

    • Sleeve length jumps about 3 inches from YL to AS, other measurements are about an inch. I’d look at the size chart and measure against a garment your kid wears to be sure.

  121. Pretty Cool ideas man! Are you able to create a jersey for “ARCHER”, “South Park”, “Strickland Propane”? Instantly dug ur site page! Keep ’em comming.

  122. Any thoughts on a Venom inspired hockey sweater (lol, sorry hockey purist here and never call them jerseys).

  123. Any sign of a dragon ball jersey? Insta buy for me!

  124. When can I get a back to the future Hockey jersey?

  125. Any chance the LOTR jersey will be back?

  126. The new Wonder Woman will be out this June.
    I would love to pre-order before they are snapped up.

  127. Is it possible for you to make a pinstripe Public Enemy Baseball jersey? I seen the logos you had for a Public Enemy Hockey Jersey & was hoping you could sort something for me. Much Appreciated.

  128. Your NHL 94 jersey is seriously the bee’s knees. So awesome. So unique. Tell me where I send payment for an XL! 🏒
    BTW. Avid Anaheim ducks fan here.

  129. Love your jerseys man. I’m gonna team your site. Just curious, is there any Ghostbusters jerseys left or chance for some In the future? I loved the tan one with the longer sleeves. Had the traditional ghostbuster emblem on the front.
    I had a thought too, slimer on the front be epic. Dark green and black jersey.

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