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  1. If you were to make jerseys featuring the crests of the Warhammer 40,000 Space Marine Chapters, you would sell out in hours. I really think you should consider it. I know I would buy an Ultramarines jersey in a heartbeat.

  2. Id buy a tau jersey in a second “for the greater good”

    • Oh man, just think of the possiblities. Each race or faction could have it’s own shirt.: Tau, Necrons, Imperium, Dark Eldar, Orks, Chaos, etc.

      An Imperium of Man shirt would definitely work well with a black, white, and silver/grey colour pallete with the Aquila featured on the front.

      Tau could be tan, red, and black with the Tau Empire symbol on front.

      When I think of Orks, I think green, red, and grey. With cool jagged stripes on the sleeves and at the bottom of the torso.

      Oh man, so many possibilities…

  3. I don’t suppose there are any plans for Warhammer 40K are in the works. A black and silver sweater with the Tanith First and Only regimental crest on the chest, a gold Aquilla on one shoulder, “the Emperor Protects” on the other shoulder and “Gaunt” across the upper back would be sold through quickly, I think.

    • I’ve had other requests for 40K, and it’s something I’d like to do soon. I’m also a fan (of the video games). Been looking to put together a design for Ultramarines for my buddies at Relic Entertainment.

      No ETA on when I can do that. So many geeky properties, and I’ve only scratched the surface.

      • Be warned, the Evil Empire….aka Games Workshop are some real bastards when ti comes to their copyrighted stuff. They have an army of lawyers who are infamous for cracking down on any and eveyone who they even think might be “stealing” their ideas. But I’d have a Gaunt’s Ghost/ Tanith First and Only if you did them

  4. I think just a solid Imperial Eagle and Iron Halo skull would be awesome. Thanks so much Dave for all that you do. Just ordered my first, a Voltron. Very excited to have discovered this site.

  5. Great work, Dave! I’m truly amazed at all the designs you’ve come up with. Everything I’ve seen is nothing short of spectacular! If you ever do a Judge Dredd jersey, count me in for an order!

  6. Is there a way to get notice of the designs you have lined-up or ready for orders? These are great designs, really creative.

  7. Love the work, stuff is great!

  8. I think geek-culture demands an Army of Darkness themed jersey or two. Perhaps a crossed shotgun and chainsaw, on the cobalt bule that was Ash’s ramains of a shirt? Perhaps even a smaller patch whic resembles a zombie head or a S-MART nametag. The awesome possibilities are endless.

  9. Great work! I am looking forward to your next batch of Zeldas!

    Have you thought about contacting the folks at TBBT? Some of these jerseys would be ideal for their (retro) gaming nights, and I think Voltron’s made an appearance. And what about jerseys for the Perpetual Motion Squad and Army Ants!

    • The Big Bang Theory?
      Not familiar with Perpetual Motion Squad (funny acronym there) or Army Ants.

      • As a fellow geek, I didn’t think it was necessary to spell out TBBT 😉

        The teams in question are from Season 1, EP 13 – The Bat Jar Conjecture. Theoretically they could revisit the theme of this episode in the future because it is about an annual Physics Bowl (a la Reach for the Top) at the university. PMS and AA are two of the teams – I guess ‘official league’ jerseys would have a Physics Bowl patch on them as well.

  10. Back to the 40K haha, I think you could market a huge amount to space wolf players as well, Wolf on the front, a 13 on the back and aquilas on the sleeves, Id pay so much money

    or even a good White Scars jersey

    AAAAAALSO whats the odds you could do a custom design for a group involved in a game like amtgard or bel or SCA?

  11. Love the site, disappointed I didn’t find it in time to get a Zelda or Game of Thrones jersey, so I’m watching for those to come back. Also, if you get approval, I will snap up a BSG and Jurassic Park jersey in a heartbeat.

    Other geeky things I am hoping for:

    Final Fantasy VII
    Lord of the Rings
    Star Wars
    2001: A Space Odyssey
    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
    Dragonball Z
    Ender’s Game
    Dr. Mario

    I don’t know how any of these things would translate into a cool jersey, but that is why I don’t run a sweet hockey jersey site and you do.

  12. Hey Dave, have you designed any CanCon jerseys yet? I mean, other than the fact that you’re designing *hockey* jerseys…

    My nomination for CanCon would be ReBoot. The ReBoot logo is fairly (too?) simple for a large design, but there’s a lot of source material to work from since the series evolved so much during its four year run. For example, you could make home-and-away jerseys in ‘regular’ and ‘infected by Megabyte’ binome colours. There’s also Enzo’s 01 and 10 tops, plus Bob’s (and Enzo’s) various Guardian looks.

    • I love ReBoot and had the pleasure of touring Mainframe Entertainment (now Rainmaker Studios) a few years ago. I’ll see if I can make the jump for a hockey design, no guarantees though.

  13. Gabriel Nickels

    Just disCovered you…how do I order I have interest in flash and GL

  14. Great site! The Game of Thrones designs are awesome, but any chance of designing a Dune-inspired jersey? Maybe a stillsuit or desert-theme with a sandworm crest?

  15. I dont know if you watch it but a misfits prison jumpsuit themed jersey might be cool.

  16. Any chance of a design based off The Incredibles? They had great costumes that would translate well into jerseys..

  17. Hey Dave, great work on your designs! LOVE the Dr. Who TARDIS especially. Have to throw out my $0.02 worth. You need to do Robotech. You could use the RDF logo for the main logo and go with a number of colors based on the characters. Max in blue, Rick (Hikaru) in Red, Roy in the skull and crossbones (away Jersy). You could use the SDF-1 as the secondary patch. I would pay good money for all 3, especially the Max. What do you think?

  18. Placed an order for the Browncoat jersey last night. I love the design. I especially love that you placed the Browncoat center patch triangle point down, star point up as that is how I believe it should be oriented.

    • I decided on that orientation simply because it looked better. It echoes the San Jose Sharks and Pittsburgh Penguins, whereas it would look like the Colorado Rockies (NHL) had it pointed up, not as good imho.

      Plus the star looks better in its standard orientation. Pointing down it causes a double-take with your eyes. At least, it does with me!

      Thanks for ordering! I’m sure you’ll dig it.

  19. Glad to see you’re considering the Robotech jersey again! I was just considering the worth of a Lovecraft inspired jersey. I remember an old shirt that featured “Miskatonic University: Home of the Fighting Cephalopods.” It seems to me that Cthulu would look lovely on a jersey. Just saying.

  20. Any plans to do some LOTR jerseys? I would snap up the Riders of Rohan in a heartbeat.

  21. where the fuck have you been hiding… do you know how long i’ve wanted something like this? YOU JERK HIDING THIS FROM ME… I WANT YOU TO TAKE MY MONEY WHEN I GET IT DAMN YOU… Seriously tho when will you have GOT Jerseys back? do i only get to order what’s current? thanks for your time

  22. also as a suggestion… i godzilla jersey… it MUST be done… MUST I SAY… and GOOD DAY TO YOU SIR…

  23. Want to take a shot at a Wile E Coyote jersey maybe an acme or toons patch. We are an Arizona roller hockey team.

    Thanks for your time.

  24. Jersey theme needed: The Lords of the Rink

  25. I’m very interested in a Kevin Smith jersey, i want to know your pricing and how long it would take to make?

  26. Please let me know how to get an Optimus Prime jersey. My wife is the world’s biggest O.P. fan, tattoo and all. I also wanted to contact you regarding the Boba Fett jersey. I am most sincere, and will look forward to hearing back soon.

  27. Was wanting to kn if you guys could do a spider man jersey for my 4 year old son and what would it cost and do you have a number I can reach you at

  28. Will you ever bring back the Crusaders batman jersey ??

    • As long as it’s listed in the ‘By Demand’ section on the Geeky Jerseys homepage, there’s always a chance. It just needs more people to sign-up for it. Crusaders is close to making an encore I think.

  29. would love to see a Nightvale scorpions or SpiderWolves set.

  30. Would love to see a popeye jersey

  31. I love your designs. I wish I had even part of your talent. I have designs in mind but could never create what I see in my head. Great work!

  32. this comment doesn’t exactly serve any purpose, Id just like to say this is the greatest website I have ever seen.

  33. Hi,
    Can you please, please, PLEASE make a deadpool jersey????

    I will gladly pay you up front to make one… I think red jersey with black accents like his suit from the movie would be awesome and a real seller.. dunno which number to use but WILSON as name on back of course…

  34. Need the Winchester, please !!!!!

  35. PLEASE make a harry potter jersey!!!!

  36. How do you go about ordering? Thank you!

  37. How do I get a Spiderman goalie cut hockey jersey?

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