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Team America: World Police Hockey Jersey Design

team america world police hockey jersey by Dave Delisle

America: puck yeah! This one was tough to do because the Team America uniforms are asymmetrical and, well, pretty gaudy (the camouflage especially), which I’m sure is intentional. Thought I’d play it safe and go with a conventional design reminiscent of the Florida Panthers.

No plans to make this one available. I’m just happy to finally post this one, as I can now move on to other stuff.

Rage Against The Machine Hockey Jersey


Here is a design based on the album cover for Evil Empire, Rage Against The Machine’s sophomore album. Every time I saw the kid on the cover, he looked to me like he was wearing a hockey jersey. The cape is sort of Roman, the only “Empire” vibe I am seeing.

Stay Puft Hockey Jersey Design

stay puft jersey design by Dave Delisle

Here’s a Stay Puft hockey jersey based somewhat on his naval uniform. His portrait logo is based on the retro Cal Bears logo. Read the rest of this entry

TMNT Party Wagon Hockey Jersey Design


On Saturday I held an informal request poll on my Facebook page, and TMNT (80’s era) was the most popular suggestion. Recently I’ve seen some hockey jerseys based on the Turtles themselves (I can’t seem to find them right now, but they looked like this), so I decided to make a design based on their ride, The Party Wagon.

This is much like the recent Futurama design, which featured characters looking out of the windows of a vehicle-themed jersey.

The Turtles are just placeholder art for now, if this ever went to production some friendlier-looking Turtles would be used in the windows. There are no plans to make this available right now, but stay tuned this spring; we’ll probably try to do something TMNT-inspired for the new movie at that time.

Leonardo Reapers Hockey Jersey Design

Leonardo Reapers hockey jersey by Dave Delisle

This is the second design commissioned by the nice folks at the VASHL (here is the first), a street hockey league that is dedicated to all things Kevin Smith. You can read all about the Leonardo Reapers here.

They wanted something along the lines of Sons of Anarchy, and I don’t blame them. In fact, this post is better served if read with the gravelly voice of Charlie Hunnam in your head.

House Stark And House Targaryen Hockey Jerseys

Direwolves 6 by Dave Delisle

The sixth iteration of the Direwolves jersey is here! Looking back at the 5.0 version you can see quite a few differences in the new design. New primary logo, new shoulder patches, new back patch, new number font, and a return to the classic LA Kings jersey style. The shoulder patches get a “true sigil”, which is a full-body grey Dire Wolf dancing against a white field, along with the house motto.

The new back patch is the league logo, and it features the “You Win Or You Die” slogan. The slogan is intentionally watermarked because A) I didn’t want the design to be too wordy B) it’s something that should be appreciated upon closer inspection, and C) I don’t want schools to ban this jersey! Besides, I want the League name to be the emphasis.

Targaryen 3 by Dave Delisle

This is the 3rd iteration of the Dragons jersey. I got rid of the grey and opted for a New Jersey Devils look, minus the black shoulder yoke. A new logo and new shoulder patch round out the design. I know I’ve been promising Targaryens for some time, that’s because I’ve had a design done since March — even sent it to Geeky Jerseys. But I wasn’t happy with it and cancelled it. I really like this design, glad I was able to refine it these past few months.

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