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Princess Bride Hockey Jersey Design

Dread Pirates by Dave Delisle

About 3 years ago I posted a Dread Pirates design, which I since deleted because I felt it was too plain and simple. Thought I’d give it another go, this time with an injection of color and new patch logos for both the ship and the mantra belonging to these Pirates.

Donkey Kong Hockey Jersey Design

Donkey Kong arcade cabinet by Dave Delisle

Thought I’d do a design that is a homage to the original Donkey Kong arcade cabinet from 1981 (35 years ago!). All of the logos are updated versions of art found on the cabinet. Donkey Kong himself is a mix of the current Kong with the 1981 original and the 1982 Donkey Kong Jr. version (the teeth mostly). There’s a “DK” on the front neck too, to match his necktie.

Ideally I’d go overboard with stripes and colors to match the arcade cabinet, but I like to keep Geeky Jerseys’ production methods in mind when creating designs. That means a more conventional approach towards layout and trying to limit the number of colors.

Not sure if this is going to be popular enough to be offered, but I enjoyed drawing it up.

BB-8 Hockey Jersey Design

BB-8 Star Wars hockey jersey by Dave Delisle

UPDATE: I’m my own worst critic, so I heavily updated the above jersey. Why so much black? So BB-8 and the text DROIDS could register better. Original post as follows:

When I saw episode VII in December, I was 99.9% sure this little droid was flipping the bird with his lighter-thingy. In my theater the whole audience roared with laughter, plus the scene totally called for it — BB-8 was coerced into doing something he didn’t want to do.

Alas, Disney has made it official: the droid was merely returning a thumbs-up. Well, in my mind BB-8 will always be the badass robot who’s not taking any of your crap, mister.

Not available for now, this design will be. Cloudy the future is. Read the rest of this entry

Captain 3.0 and Shellhead 3.0 Hockey Jersey Designs


New Captain and Shellhead designs, just in time for my most-anticipated film of the year. Captain gets a few new additions: the star and numbers are now lined with silver; two all-new patches that celebrate his team and teammates; and lastly blue stripes have been added to the cuffs. The main blue is also darker. Read the rest of this entry

Ron Swanson Hockey Jersey Design Part 1

Ron Swanson Hockey Jersey by Dave Delisle

This one is based on the Pawnee Rangers episode from Parks and Recreation (Season 4, episode 4, also known as the Treat Yo Self episode), except I heavily modified the Rangers logo to include Ron himself. The ‘Swanson’ shield was shown at the end of the episode.

The drab grey uniforms the Rangers wore did not make for an interesting jersey, so I went with green instead. You’ll be forgiven for thinking this was a military jersey, the Swanson shield certainly helped push me in that direction.

Part 2 is a breakfast-themed design for Ron Swanson. I’m also thinking of doing one for the Pawnee Goddesses.

Point Break Hockey Jersey Design

Ex-Presidents Point Break jersey by Dave's Geeky Hockey

Originally you could see Bodhi’s eyes within the mask, but they were too unnerving so I removed them. A cheeky President Seal goes on the shoulders, my take on the USA Hockey logo goes on the back.

Pretty weird, huh? Yeah it’s not “geeky” per se, but I’ve always been a big fan of the original film (it’s sad I have to make that distinction now). It’s just a perfect movie. The great cast, action, and oh-so rich dialogue that Aaron Sorkin can only dream of writing: “Back off, Warchild…seriously.”

Don’t know if there’s enough interest in this one, but I enjoyed drawing it up for my own amusement.

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