Prince George Cougars Hockey Jersey Design

Prince George Cougars WHL logo

I used to call Prince George home many years ago, and I always felt their WHL team could look a bit more regal to match the city name (I do kinda like their current Thundercats logo). I added a few axes because the city is a forestry hub. The shoulder patch logo mixes a crown and paw together.

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  1. It is nice … It has a “Czech Republic” vibe to it …

    Also, I was just reading some stuff on the “HIghway of Tears” … My guess is that you probably remember some of it …

    • Pretty much all of BC was on that news story. Saddened to see on Wikipedia that it appears to be ongoing.

      • A friend asked me about it and although I knew the “basics”, I had been reading up it on and off over the last couple of weeks … It is very bizarre to say the least …

        On the plus side, the jersey is great, and the Cougars should give your jersey a shot … Maybe as a specialty one for a charity fundraiser …

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