Ironwebs Hockey Jersey Design

Iron Spider hockey jersey design by Dave Delisle davesgeekyhockey

I try to design within Geeky Jersey’s production abilities, and the last time webs were attempted on a hockey jersey it was difficult to execute, so no webbing here (at least not yet). The above is a more conventional design: the waist stripe matches the elbow stripes, the front and back look similar, nothing drastic.


This is a more screen accurate version. The back is mostly blue, the waist stripe is busier. I removed cuff stripes because it was too much. The back patch would need to be placed by the blue section, not sure if the end product would look good.

Whaddya think? Top or bottom?

I’m awaiting word if metallic red and navy is possible. Webs may be done, but as a fixed pattern. We’ll see.

BONUS: 2018 video game design. I like the white spider accents.

2018 Spider-Man video game hockey jersey design by Dave Delisle davesgeekyhockey

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  1. I say the top looks better. The bottom got that Buffalo Sabres turd burger vibe to it.

  2. There’s actually a hat that Box Lunch sold me that kind of looks like this design.

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