Dragons 5.0 Hockey Jersey Design

Dragons 5 hockey jersey by Dave Delisle

The Dragons are back in black, which is mostly inspired by Dany’s attire this season. I’m also happy to get the dragons out of the confinement of the shield, they look better free, much like the logo from the show.

Lions 4 hockey jersey by Dave Delisle

Here is the 4th Lannister Lions design, which was also inspired by Jaime and Cersei’s attire at the end of season 6. Lots of black, but black is slimming dontcha know. The gold should really pop here.

Lions 4 hockey jersey by Dave Delisle

The first baseball jersey! I was inspired by the 90’s Compton and Raiders craze so I went with silver calligraphy for the team name. The back logo is a shield that plays like a home plate, for a bit of baseball imagery.


Krakens 3.0, no major changes really, just making it uniform to the other GoT hockey jerseys.

About Dave Delisle

Designer, Blogger, and Hockey Fan! Go Flames Go!

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  1. Will you have the Targeryen jersey available to purchase and ship before xmas?

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