A Trio Of 80’s Hockey Jersey Designs

GAH design by Dave Delisle

Sorry for the lack of new posts, I hope I can make up for that real soon. To start things off, here is a jersey based on the Greatest American Hero, a callback to a time when television had only one superhero show in prime time (this show came on after The Incredible Hulk was canned). Nowadays, there’s a superhero show on TV every night. You whippersnappers got it real good!

Here’s a pair of designs that pay tribute to an old TV trend: cast a cool car, and people will watch. Starsky & Hutch, Dukes of Hazzard, A-Team, The Fall Guy, and so on. Audiences were weird back then. Nowadays you need acclaimed writing and acting for people to tune in!
Knight Rider hockey jersey by Dave Delisle

There’s a chance G.A.H. could be made available, we’ll see. Stay tuned for more designs soon!


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  1. I love that GAH one. I would so wear that!

  2. Is there a notification we can sign up for? I would snag that GAH in a heartbeat!

  3. Man, I would buy that GAH one, in a heartbeat. My collection says yes. My savings account says no!

  4. Please, don’t forget about the GAH jersey! Must have!

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