Ron Swanson Hockey Jersey Design Part 1

Ron Swanson Hockey Jersey Design by Dave Delisle

This one is based on the Pawnee Rangers episode from Parks and Recreation (Season 4, episode 4, also known as the Treat Yo Self episode), except I heavily modified the Rangers logo to include Ron himself. The ‘Swanson’ shield was shown at the end of the episode.

The drab grey uniforms the Rangers wore did not make for an interesting jersey, so I went with green instead. You’ll be forgiven for thinking this was a military jersey, the Swanson shield certainly helped push me in that direction.

Part 2 is a breakfast-themed design for Ron Swanson. I’m also thinking of doing one for the Pawnee Goddesses.


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  1. I read in a prior reply that there is no way anything owned by NBC Universal can ever get made due to licensing. Still true? If so, the fact that I can never own this or the breakfast one breaks my heart.

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