X-Files Hockey Jersey Design

X-Files hockey jersey design by Dave Delisle

UPDATE (January 7th, 2016): thought I’d update the X-files design to be a bit more colorful and fun. The video game Space Invaders was influential here. The Truth is in there… somewhere.

About Dave Delisle

Designer, Blogger, and Hockey Fan! Go Flames Go!

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  1. oh man!

    why oh why do make the awesome the moment i dont have the extra c-flow!?!?!?

    The cash is out there…i want to believe 😉

    • I like the “Jolly Roger” design.

      And, I also like it when your designs are little more vague.

      Maybe play with the “cross bones” and remove the “x-files” title in the bones

      “i want to believe” “fbi” and “x-flies” would all be awesome smaller patches.

      Keep playing with it. You are on to something.

      I wonder what a Scully “Science & Reason” Jersey might look like…

  2. Yes, X-Files jersey!

    Personally, I’d prefer the circle logo on the front; the alien skull & crossbones is neat but a bit too vague imho to get the reference without looking at the shoulder patches.

    I wonder if you can work a pop of green or red on the jersey too, that would make it jump out more as ‘X-FIles’ to me over a black & white scheme.

    Also seconding Roger’s idea for a Scully ‘Science & Reason’ jersey.

  3. The skull is a a bit overboard. I like the circle X logo thought better Also, Mulder stinks. I’m ordering KRYCEK 94 or CGB SPENDER 93.

  4. If you’re still in business during these times I’d be very interested in purchasing a few jerseys !

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