Papers, Please Hockey Jersey Design

papers please hockey jersey design

I’d like to think that Arstotzka has a national hockey team, one made up of army personnel (much like Russia’s Red Army squad), playing against rivals from Obristan and Kolechia. These are all fictional countries from the game Papers, Please.

The jersey is Arstotzka’s flag, with design cues from several Russian national jerseys. The M.O.S. seal stands for Ministry of Sport. I broke my “no hockey sticks” rule here, the seal imagery really screamed hockey stick to me.

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Designer, Blogger, and Hockey Fan! Go Flames Go!

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  1. I would totally order one of these. Not only is it a super geeky indie game reference, but the design is pretty mean looking.

  2. I’d be all over this one. Mean looking, and a little more subtle than a lot of game-inspired designs.

  3. The Glory To Arstotzka could work on the inside of the collar like the stuff national teams have on theirs, and some soccer teams have done as well. Though for this perhaps you would want it on the outside there.

    Another option is in or next to the numbers on the back.

  4. The Winged Wheeler

    Love the design! I would buy one of these in a heartbeat 😀

  5. please make this!!!! my beer league team would probably do thiss!!! I would for sure!

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