Stockton AHL Hockey Jersey Design

Stockton Choppers by Dave Delisle

If you follow hockey you might be aware of the relocation of several AHL and ECHL teams that will happen this summer at the behest of some western-based NHL clubs. The Calgary Flames are setting up their AHL team in Stockton, CA, where they will be known as the Heat. They recently unveiled their logo and jerseys.

The Heat designs are not all that interesting to me, mostly because it’s an extension of the parent club’s branding. After thinking it over I decided to do my own take for Stockton, one that has a geeky influence (of course).

I present the Choppers! This team design pays tribute to Sons Of Anarchy, a show that was set in northern California. The name alone is highly symbolic of motorcycle culture as well. Like the Heat logo I opted for a large ‘S’, this one comprised of two sickles being swung by Death in a playing/tarot card layout. He is literally chopping, get it? Moving on…

I made Death as PG-13 as possible to appeal to the NHL overlords, so I concealed his jaw. I could make him friendlier, like the Milwaukee Admirals logo, but I prefer the current Skeletor look. Perhaps down the road I will make a full-on SAMCRO version of the logo.

The flaming-C shoulder patches pay tribute to Calgary, but could also stand for Choppers. I used the Florida Panthers jersey template as well, hence the lack of a waist stripe.

Yikes this got wordy! I was going to launch into a diatribe about how all these clubs aren’t being imaginative enough with their re-brands, but I’ll save that for another day.

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  1. Wow! As a hockey fan stranded in Stockton AND a big Dave Delisle fan, I’m super honored we got the full Geeky Hockey treatment!!

    Thanks Dave!

    PS. I need Browncoats 3.0 we need another run!!!

  2. I used to love minor league jerseys because some were daring. Take Cincy Cyclones loved their cartoon style character, the since rebranded with a toilet bowl c. It’s so boring.

  3. I like it soooo much better than the boring*yawn*official design… and hey did you know that the Thunder have a Sons of Anarchy theme in their dressing room? And called themselves Sons of Thunder one season (with a cool vid intro using the music) until they got a cease & desist from the show :(((

    You called it with the ‘unimaginative’ though… my first tweet to the new Twitter acct (AHLHeat) was that they should’ve gotten you to design the logo!! :-p

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