Wizards Hockey Jersey Design

Gryffindor Hockey Jersey

I feel bad that Geeky Jerseys and I haven’t catered to Harry Potter fans as much as we would like, so I am floating this design out there for your consideration. Basically, it’s all I can do without including the words ‘Gryffindor’ and ‘Hogwarts’. Here is a mockup:

Gryffindor Hockey Jersey

Here is an alternate take that was designed with a red-and-gold striped scarf in mind. The oversized “G” was usually how I referred to Gryffindor before, but I decided to jettison that for a cleaner look. The end result looks like something an Ivy League school would wear, in my opinion.

So let me know what you think by commenting, liking, and tweeting.


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  1. Make a Slytherin one and take my money!

  2. Brittany Davies

    ^What Alecia said! I would soooooo buy a slytherin one!

  3. Love this! Would buy a Hufflepuff one immediately 🙂

  4. I thought it would go without saying, but if Gryffindor is popular enough for an offer and performs well, then other houses would be looked at. If this stalls, then we won’t proceed further.

  5. I admit, I’d snap up a Slytherin as well, but this is a great looking jersey. I suppose I could find room in my closet for both! Accio Jersey!

  6. Jä'son A. Styles

    You have my vote and hope that the other houses get their place..

  7. I like the second version of the jersey with the bigger “scarf-esque” stripes on the arm. It looks good, though I will say I own the previous Gryffindor jersey you designed and that was truly a superb piece of design.

  8. you need to get the real Hogwarts crest on there, and the griffindor name. Then I’m sold.

    I realize there are licensing issues, but you’ve worked through them before.

  9. Gryffindor all the way. Got my muggle money ready to send.

  10. Love this one, but would def snap up a Slytherin one in a heartbeat!

  11. please make this happen oh lord ill get all four!!!

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