The NHL Transformed

Transformers Hockey League NHL by Dave Delisle

I love the NHL and Transformers, so I’m pleased to mashup both here. There are so many teams in Transformers (like the Constructicons and Aerialbots), it makes for a good overall fit.

Detroit fans, I apologize in advance, but the Junkions are what kickstarted this whole thing. Plus they’re the only Transformer with a very distinct wheel.

UPDATE (August 8th 2015): Several teams have been updated, while a few (DAL, WASH, PIT, PHI) have been given new identities. I will probably keep updating these every once in awhile.

Transformers Hockey League NHL by Dave Delisle

Here are some of the old ones and a few unused ones too,

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  1. Love it – great idea, awesome logos. The only one I wasn’t too high on was WPG as it’s not really all that different. If I had to pick my top 3 faves (very, very hard to do) it’d be: VAN, CHI, & STL

  2. amazing dude

  3. This is amazing. The blending of two of my biggest obsessions. I tip my hat to you a thousand times over.

    (I would so buy a Detroit Junkions shirt.)

  4. I’d totally buy a St Louis Soundwaves shirt…..that’s awesome!!

  5. heck yeah! make them! cool shirts id buy alot of the teams

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