James Bond Hockey Jersey Design

James Bond hockey jersey design by Dave Delisle

UPDATE (October 15th/2014): the design proved to be popular, so I modified the design a bit for a potential offer.


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  1. Its the 50th Anniversary… you to make this happen!!!!

  2. This is a MUST have!!!!

  3. Nice! You need to save the drunken Herald animals for an Archer inspired Jersey, though!

    • YOU’RE a drunken Herald animal!! Sorry that was my best Pam impersonation.

      All jokes aside, I wanted to do an Archer TOP GUN-themed jersey (Danger Zone) but I think that joke has been done to death.

  4. Philip Grabowskii

    You MUST make this a reality. I have had my eye on several of your designs, but I am literally drooling at the thought of this one. Awesome job.

  5. I’ve already sent my request to Geeky Jerseys to please offer this. We all need to write them.

  6. Heard back from Geeky Jerseys

    “Hey XXXXXXX ,

    That’s an awesome idea, and one we’ll be sure to keep in mind.

    Be sure to stay tuned!

    Thank you,”

    Come on people, we got to make this happen!!! Write them!!

  7. When I first saw this, I thought someone was pulling my leg and that it can’t be real. But I absolutely love this idea!!! I want this to become a real thing asap!! Please please please! Haha

  8. Yes, please!

  9. Speaking of the “Queen and Country” motif, here’s something you might be interested in as well with an espionage comics pedigree…

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