Official Voltron 2.0 Hockey Jersey Design

Voltron Hockey Jersey 2014

The second officially-licensed Voltron hockey jersey features a new front shield, gold numbers, and thinner stripes. A lace-up collar has also been added. I really dug the gold color of the cross and crown of the Masterpiece Voltron toy, so I added it everywhere possible.

You’ll have to take my word for now, but the main logo will really shine (figuratively and literally) when it’s embroidered. The outer grey part is silver, and the embroidery will follow a pattern (see below) that looks beveled, so it will look comparable to the aforementioned toy.

Voltron Hockey Jersey 2014

I’m really glad to get a chance to refine the official jersey, as the first one has been available for a few years now.


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  1. Checked out the website but you only have youth, S & L in stock. Any idea when you’ll be getting other sizes? In particular 3XL? I’m a goalie, I may not be Defender of the universe but I do my best to protect the net!!

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