Browncoats 4.0 Hockey Jersey Design

Browncoats hockey jersey by Dave Delisle

Trying something new here for the Browncoats! I’ve opted to use the brown from their actual uniforms, and I enlisted the logo with black trim, which resulted in adding black to the color scheme too. The goal was to make a hockey jersey that a military unit would wear.

For comparison here is the 3.0 version. Let me know what you think of the 4.0, as a Browncoats offer in the near future is likely.

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Designer, Blogger, and Hockey Fan! Go Flames Go!

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  1. Love it!

    As point of impractical style, if suggest that you add Mal’s pant stripe down the sides of the waist.

    Also, do another run of 3.0 pleeeeaaaassseee….

  2. I have the 3.0 and I absolutely love it. Workmanship is excellent and it always gets comments at 501st gatherings. 😛

  3. Looks awesome. Would it be the same color brown as the Busters line or a different shade?

    • It’s a noticeably darker brown than the khaki used for Busters 4.0.

      • Thanks for the reply Dave. I really like this one. And as BrowncoatKal stated the unused 57th Overlanders patch is awesome. It’d be a kinda cool small single sleeve patch by the wrist like the shield location for the Captain 2.0 Jersey. Anyhoo hope this one goes into production, its a def must buy.

  4. I have version 2.0 and 3.0 (well actually my fiance has the 2.0 as I gave it to her upon getting the 3.0) and love them both. The 4.0 looks great and I actually like the unused 57th Overlanders patch for the back.

  5. This is definitely the best version. I loved the idea since the 1st rendition, but this one hits all the right points. I agree about the unused corporal stripes. I would include on the shoulder like rank and use the browncoats logo on the neck. Obviously I am going to have to pick one up.

  6. Overall I like the design, even though I prefer the 3.0 jersey. They both look great. I think in particular I like the Overlanders shoulder patch on the 3.0 than the new ones. Given the choice, I’d order the 3.0 over the 4.0, but I wouldn’t say no to either.

  7. any idea if will be in production soon? I really want one.

  8. thanks for the answer, Dave. Would be very difficult ( or expensive ) to have the regular Browncoats patch in one sleeve and the unused corporal stripes in another ?

  9. I see you’ve changed this up since posting it originally. A lot more green. Love them both. Not sure which I like more. What made you change things? What didn’t you like about the original that prompted the changes?

    • A couple of reasons: the original design didn’t look appealing when I made the listing art (for those who don’t know, this originally had black forearms and waist with a single green stripe), plus the recent Hitchhikers template looked pretty solid when Geeky Jerseys made it, so I opted to kill 2 birds with one stone and make something more striking.

  10. BrotherJordan

    I’m waiting anxiously for this one. I have a 3.0 that I wear all the time. I like that it is different enough color-sheme wise to almost have a home and away feel when compared to 3.0, whereas the updates have been improvements before now.

  11. So, did I miss it? Did it go on sale when I wasn’t looking? I seriously hope not!

  12. Wait! I see it’s on sale now! Yippeeeee!

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